Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Two meetings today- one in Lakewood one in Jackson

TBL- Take back Lakewood

Tuesday May 9th at 6:00—Planning Board Meeting
Although a Planning Board meeting was scheduled for 4/25 and a number of people arrived at town hall for the meeting, several planning board members failed to show up causing the meeting to be cancelled and all applications postponed. Those applications will now be heard at the May 9th meeting.

Tuesday May 9th at 6:00—CAFRA Hearing for Eagle Ridge
While a Planning Board meeting takes place in town hall, the NJ DEP will hold a CAFRA hearing in the auditorium of the Jackson Memorial High School at 101 Don Connor Blvd in Jackson. While it is rare for a CAFRA hearing to take place, over 1,100 letters from concerned residents of Lakewood raising
substantial issues with the application to build 1,872 units in place of Eagle Ridge Golf Course off Cross Street. That prompted the NJ DEP to issue a letter
acknowledging the many issues with the application and  that it is not in accordance with Coastal Zone Management rules. There will be a large crowd at this meeting objecting strongly to the proposed destructive project.


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