Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Lakewood Pravda

Article posted on Takebacklakewood 

Did the Russians hack the Presidential Election??

TLS (which propagates fake news) is trying valiantly to hack the Lakewood Township Committee elections!

With just 2 weeks to go to the Lakewood Primaries which will end Mike Delia and Ray Coles reign, TLS - the Pravda propaganda arm of the establishment is out in full force.

See here where they permanently disabled a feature on their site to avoid letting people realize that the Lakewood Shopping Village was a fiasco. They consistently ban IP's of comments that they don't agree with and block anyone who presents an opposing view on Twitter.

There was also the clear pay for play when Mayor Coles inexplicably revived an old dead billboard ordinance in order to curry favor with TLS - in exchange he was given a free 'ask the mayor' column as a communication channel tying to make it seem like he cares about Lakewood. 

Now, they are at it again. In November 2016, TBL emailed TLS asking for advertising rates. There was no response.

On May 18, 2017, TLS posted an ad for Mike Delia and Mike Berman. 'Vote for experience' it says. Hmm. Bad experience?? 'Straight talk and Accountability'. Hmm, we haven't seen that until now!

Today, TLS went all out with spin articles for both Delia and Coles. Read them and laugh. Then think for a minute about how they are blatantly snubbing all of the residents of Lakewood who have made their voices clear. They are selling out our town all for the sake of the few elite who have urged them to ignore the needs of the residents in favor of the powerful developers.

Since then, three of the new candidates contacted TLS asking to advertise for their political campaign. All were ignored. Perhaps they are just behind on responding to emails? One candidate called and was told that they don't do political ads. After numerous ignored emails and calls and voicemails, it's apparent that TLS will not accept ads  Read more at TBL


  1. You also don't post comments that dont take your side. Please don't play this as you are open to both sides. You are against the Vaad and they are pro. Simple as that.

    1. Your comment was posted, wasn't it? The Lakewood Poop is a joke, VAAD shill, and lost all credibility when he sold his soul...

    2. It was posted now. But I know of people whose comments were not posted because they were anti the agenda this blog and hh

    3. Please no comparison, I have had some comments not posted here, not a big deal, could be it was repetitive, could be it was 2 nasty.

      but all views are allowed to be presented here. Unlike TLS which intentionally lies and skews public perception for money

    4. Harold HerskowitzMay 24, 2017 at 2:47 PM

      I have no agenda for myself or my friends. I don't know who owns this site and I never asked for special treatment ,as opposed the Lakewood scoop, which I helped get started and then watched it become a propaganda vehicle for the highest bidder. Ha..... cannot look me in the eye . He knows I never did anything for myself , and he threw me under the bus because he has no hakoras hatov.......... Sorry but there is no comparison. If hefkervelt blocks obnoxious comments about me, he does it because he knows that they are not based on truth or fact , not because he is my friend or on my payroll.
      Just get over it buddy. Not everyone is corrupt. Deal with it.


  3. If you post anything against chasidim, this blog censors it. No difference between this blog and TLS.

    1. Harold HerskowitzMay 24, 2017 at 2:24 PM

      Why should a Jewish blog post something against chassidim? We don't have enough antisemitism? You are going to curse out an entire sect of Jews with one broad stroke, and expect to be listened to?

    2. I have nothing against Chasidim, but the this site is a little overly sensitive. I replied to a comment someone made about the chasidim moving in taking over the Vaad, and making things better.

      All I did was point that in some places where Chasidim run the town, it is no better than Lakewood, and the message was censored. I didn't say it was worse, just no better

    3. Harold HerskowitzMay 24, 2017 at 10:15 PM

      Oh. I absolutely agree. If chassidim have their way in this town, we will see duplexes converted to fiveplexes with bridges connecting homes and outdoor elevators. Drive around parts of monsey and picture that in Lakewood. That is why it is important to have a zoning map that restricts any future abuse . But let's also keep in mind that the person responsible for stopping a lot of the madness in this town is Mr. FAA. And he is as chassidic as can be .