Monday, May 29, 2017

TBL- Nepotism favortism, time for old guard to step aside vote new candidates with fresh ideas

Take Back Lakewood- Earlier this year, Lakewood Township created a new position - Director Of Human Resources. It was a new position - created solely to give the position to a specific person - Trish Komsa - Mike Delia's daughter. A look through old township documents shows that when the idea was initially presented to the Township Committee in a closed session back in April 2016, Delia recused himself.

It's clear that this was never about an actual need for a Director of HR, rather it was a need for a job to be created for Mike Delia's daughter. Some may argue, that this is all legal since nepotism is not illegal in NJ. 

It gets much more interesting. In one of her first acts as Director of Human Resources, Trish put out a packet with HR policies related to Lakewood Township

It included a Nepotism section which says that immediate relatives should not be hired or promoted where a relative would be in a position to appoint
, remove, discipline or where there is a reasonably foreseeable conflict of interest. 

In effect, Committeeman Mike Delia violated his daughters new nepotism policy by appointing her! Human Resources is a very sensitive office. It's extremely disturbing that Committeeman Delia got his daughter into that role which shows a complete disregard for the appearance of fairness. No RFP was put out - the Township Committee voted to create the position and then shortly afterward voted to appoint Mike Delia' daughter to the newly created position. 

Ray Coles also has a daughter who works for Lakewood Township. She worked in the office of the Police department, but within the past 6 months she was promoted to work within the Township Clerks office!!

It's shocking that the committeemen are using their office to violate their own nepotism policy!! read more at TBL


  1. Its insulting how the VAAD takes advantage of the tzibbur in Lakewood treating us like fools expected us to vote the guys who were asleep at the wheel for 20 years just to stay in power. Development went unchecked with no infrastructure supporting it, homes are no longer affordable for young couples in Lakewood while the Vaad connected developers lured chasidim from Brooklyn which drove up the prices of homes.

    The self appointed anonymous VAAD will issue its expected endorsement with catch frazes of "experience" "Hakoras Hatov" "Daas Torah" and "Achdus". dont be fooled by it. They have done nothing to fix the many problems of late such as traffic, high taxes, and quality of life.
    They no longer represent the interest of the community and are beholden to a select few while some members even gain financially from township funds.
    The town has grown but the vaad has not. Its time to send a strong message the yeshiva leit and residents of lakewood will not be used for a select few to continue to gain power and control

    1. The problem is, that these New Age catchphrases still hold sway over so many in the Frum community, especially the Yeshivaleit. Until that doesn't change, or until a decisive majority who don't believe in these catch phrases, the changes you propose can't happen.

    2. Harold HerskowitzMay 29, 2017 at 7:39 AM

      They no longer represent our town? They have never cared about our town or the klal. The first major thing they did for our town when they gained influence was to bring the cogeneration plant here. It is still spewing copious amounts of CO2 into our air. The next thing they did was promote unbridled building. Each VAAD member has a special interest in our government. This all started with She... It is now ending with our town being destroyed.

      Come out and vote June 6th
      Or if you are an independent or Democrat
      David Gruman

    3. HH are you ready to leave Raitzik?

    4. yes. but i'm not sure why you say the Vaad is anonymous. everyone knows who is in charge of it and who is on it.

    5. Harold HerskowitzMay 29, 2017 at 12:30 PM

      I must make a correction/retraction. There are some Rabbinical members of the VAAD thst care very much about the people of Lakewood. But they are the minority. They are told what not to say. It is sad that they feel that they cannot speak out.

    6. there is only one "rabbinical" member of the vaad.

  2. You are a liar, the VAAD never ever represented the interests of any one in this town-ONLY THEMSELVES.

    You were asleep at wheel, and crashed.


  3. Nepotism is the lowest and least imaginative form of corruption.

  4. When people complained to the rosh yeshiva Rav Malkiel about the vaad he said the "shtut" should form it's own vaad. It's high time that the lakewood klal together with Rabbonim form a new vaad with no special interests that will be made up with democratic elections through a bais din the way a vaad haair was meant to be. That is what a true vaad has it is. Where all segmants and areas of town have true representation.
    Where vaad members can not abuse their power and threaten shuls from being built or throwing kids out of school.

    1. He said it in Yiddish
      "Zul Der Shtut Machen Ah Vaad"

  5. Vaad bought out TLS. Did anyone forget that the scoop did not mention the word lakewood vaad or BMG. it did not mention anything about the yeshiva for a period of 3-4 years. The Tent was not reported in the scoop. Now TLS is the official propoganda arm of the Vaad.

  6. TLS is getting me and many other nauseous from their biased overage...

    TLS went to the dark side... Question is he still getting eyeballs with all the nonsense stories that he puts up...?

    1. Yup, it's official, owner of the poop now a member of the vaad

  7. There goes the VA as pulling out the achdus unity card while all they did was divide the town.
    They continue to ignore the will and needs of most tax payers in Lakewood. Their power is in shutting down any opposing views getting clueless bochurim to vote these boys who have no understanding of the issues and don't own homes or pay taxes.
    The vaad methods are anti Torah and not Ehrlich.

  8. Vaad members are in name only. They have no say in the goings on.
    As for the Vaad taking credit for chemed, it was actually started by Reb Halberstam nothing to do with the vaad. He needed a board and .... joined the board and eventually the founder was removed they paid him bupkis and laughed all the way to the bank.

  9. I think TLS has overplayed their hand. They are too biased and too obvious.

    If the vaad wins it won't have anything to do with TLS, it will be because a large amount of people don't have Internet and actually believe the vaad cares about the tzibbur.

    However eventually, these people will get older and wiservices and will stop voting for vaad candidates.

    The Vaad reign is ending, hopefully before they can completely destroy this town.

  10. The vaad shut down R birnbaum from the Yated newspaper after he wrote 2 scathing articles about the current situation on lakewood. He was called in to the office and told that his daas torah don't count because we have another Da$$ Torah. The paper did not publish any follow up articles.

  11. Even a bigger chutzpah all this new development is not helping the yeshiva but a few gevirim who made big donations to yeshiva and also invested in these new construction projects. They are enriching themselves on the cheshbon of toshvei lakewood. They should be called out for what they are doing.

  12. HH, you are off the beaten path re: the vaad.
    Not one of them gives a darn about the Tzibur, you hear? not one-zilch, effes.

    1. Harold HerskowitzMay 29, 2017 at 2:28 PM

      stop. there are some tzadikim on the VAAD .I wont name them because IT SHOULD BE AN EMBARRASSMENT FOR THEM.

  13. Harold HerskowitzMay 29, 2017 at 12:46 PM

    please vote
    june 6th
    INDEPENDENTS or Democrats