Thursday, May 25, 2017

TBL- Mayor Appointee of Non Lakewood Resident to Planning board, Questionable

Article from Take Back Lakewood- Read full article with references at TBL
Mayor Coles - despite his promises of transparency - has violated the Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL) and the Lakewood Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). The Mayor is given a seat on the Planning Board. Since a mayor is often busy helping their town, they may appoint a designee to fill their seat on the Planning Board. On January 2, 2017, in one of his first acts as Mayor, Coles appoints Angela Koutsoris (Zografos) as his designee.

Angela is an attorney at Gilmore & Monahan - Yes - that's George Gilmore who is being investigated by the FBI. In January 2017, all NJ towns that use the law firm were subpoenaed by the FBI - including Lakewood.

So what's the problem?

Mayor Coles - despite claiming to want to make the process more fair (see his spin article on TLS today), pulled a fast one on the Lakewood residents. 

According to the NJ MLUL NJSA 40:55D-23, all members of the Planning Board except for Class II members shall be municipal residents. 

The Lakewood UDO similarly states the same requirement.  

Lakewood UDO
Angela is a Class I member and the Mayors Designee. Justin Flancbaum, is the Class II member on the Planning Board. Therefore, according to both the NJ MLUL and the Lakewood UDO, Angela must live in Lakewood. To find out where she lives, lets check the annual disclosure form that she was required to fill out here. 

Wait a minute! Oops! While she filled out forms for Berkley, Manchester and Lacey Township, there was no form filled out for Lakewood!

So where does she live? A peek at the form that she completed for other towns in April 2017 shows that she owns her home in Barnegat NJ. 

Annual Disclosure form
Curiously, forms filed with the Ocean County Clerk show that she sold that Barnegat house in August 2016 and there she lists her residence as being in Deptford, NJ

Sale of Barnegat house - lists residence in Deptford NJ
What we are left with is
A) Angela neglected to file a disclosure form for her position with the Lakewood Planning Board in violation of NJSA 40:A:9-22.6(a.).

B) Mayor Coles appointed a non-resident of Lakewood to the Lakewood Planning Board in violation of NJSA 40:55D-23. 

Since the law does not permit her to serve on the Lakewood Planning Board, any instances in which she cast the deciding vote must be reheard before the Planning Board. 

Way to go Mayor Coles!!! Great job!

On June 6th, VOTE DAVID GRUMAN!!!!


  1. Let's forget the legality for a second, although it appears to be illegal. there are over 100,000 people living in Lakewood. Why did Coles need to appoint someone from outside Lakewood when there are so many people living in Lakewood.

    What "service" is Angela Koutsoris providing that none of the residents in Lakewood can? Why is Angela Koutsoris , who has a full time job already, interested in accepting this position in Lakewood?

    This appointment stunk from the minute it happened.

  2. i warned you about the corruption of this town & the chillul Hashem that these askanim are making all to just pocket a little gelt.

    no way of doing teshuva in this world for chillul Hashem only gehenom can be your forgiveness