Sunday, May 7, 2017

TBL- E. County Line residents file lawsuit against Lakewood Township Committee

TakebackLakewood -In 2013, the Township Committee passed an ordinance allowing commercial buildings on County Line. They failed to send notices to people in and around the zone. Due to that, the ordinance should be null and void according to the municipal land use law.
see Lawsuit HERE

When it was discovered in 2017, Mayor Coles committed to repealing the faulty ordinance. At two Township Committee meetings in 2017, the repeal was on the agenda but the Committeemen refused to vote on it - leaving the faulty ordinance in place. Now, residents of County Line have taken matters into their own hands and filed a lawsuit against the Township Committee. Now an Ocean County Judge will likely force Lakewood to do what the committeemen have refused to do - reverse the faulty ordinance.

Note - this lawsuit will set a tremendous precedent allowing other neighborhoods to easily challenge the illegal zoning changes made in their neighborhoods. The house of cards is collapsing...

At the Planning Board meeting on Tuesday June 9th, there are 2 applications for office buildings on County Line that are seeking to capitalize on the faulty ordinance. In one egregious case, a developer sold many houses in a development and then later people found out that he plans to put a large office building right at the entrance to their development!

Due to the Committee's failure to act, the residents are put in the uncomfortable position of needing to spend their own funds to protect their quality of life. Furthermore, the township will spend public funds (our tax money) defending the faulty County Line ordinance in an absurd attempt to put the needs of developers before the needs of the residents!!

Although Mayor Coles and Committeeman Lichtenstein feigned interest in resolving the matter, ultimately they chose to help the developers - to the detriment of the residents. This again highlights the need to replace Mayor Coles. 


  1. We want commercial office building ratables. Even with some tax statements ,eventually they will produce the much needed income for our town.

    1. Thats why the township hands out tax abatements like candy..

    2. Do you want commercial buildings next door to you? If you bought your home in a area zoned for residential you have a reasonable expectation that it won't change - and definitely not without notice!!

      Wait, I have an idea - how about ratables/office buildings in Cedarbridge!! To bring jobs!

      Oh right, that's what was supposed to happen then but hasn't for the past 20 years causing us losses of millions of dollars in tax revenue.

    3. You aren't thinking clearly. These abatements are for 30 years. 30 years from now the population will have aged and the school district will not need the funds.

      We need ratables now, and most of these buildings would have been built even if they didn't get abatements, in some cases the abatements were granted after construction already started and the building was fully leased. There is no rationalizing abatements in that situation.

      The town should have left zoning the way it was, the industrial park should have been commercial only, Prospect St. should have been commercial only as well as much of Cross St.

      Instead, they turned commercial properties residential and now are putting in some commercial properties in areas that should be residential.

      They are acting without any logic or even minimal common sense, I wonder why?

  2. Harold HerskowitzMay 7, 2017 at 9:21 AM

    True, we need ratables like office buildings and industrial/commercial, but never at the expense of residential neighborhoods. Especially already established residential neighborhoods. We have an industrial park, we have a b2 zone. There was no reason to change the zoning on county line road, an already congested two lane street, to allow office buildings and retail where there are no intersections with traffic lights . There are some proposed small strip malls which make sense for convenience shopping for residents close to brick. But to create projects that will BRING traffic is inexcusable. I commend take back Lakewood for giving the residents of the area a voice to stand up and protect themselves.

    How awful is this, that we need to work hard to pay our property taxes, only to constantly live in fear that our quality of life can be destroyed overnight by the same people we chose to represent us?
    Mayer, Menashe, Ray Coles , and Mike Delia should be ashamed for blindly following the needs of a few (or themselves) and killing our town.

  3. How can argue with success?
    The Vaad honchos want it.. PERIOD
    A chutzpah from the Lakewood residents to dear question the vaads installed system.

  4. Please someone help us in south Lakewood. The Countyline problem is nothing compared to the oak street corridor approvals. Forget about the oak street schools, and hundreds of New Lakewood commons apartments, and the whole area is messed up big time. Sue now!!

    1. The same lawsuit can be easily adapted to Oak Street, the Flea Market, the HD zones along route 9 etc etc. Call the attorney who filed this and he should be able to help you out.

    2. Are you sure this would work in Oak St., how many homes are with in 200ft. not that I agree with what they did their, but 200ft isn't much

  5. In all seriousness how will a law suit help. Let's say they boards re issue proper notice to all neighbors, they will come down to the planning or zoning board meetings and scream but the board will ignore and do what they want.