Friday, May 5, 2017

Recap: Lakewood township passes budget w/O advertising it to the public

12:00 – FAA calls them out for not advertising the details of the budget before approving it. FAA says that the professionals at the meeting would not give him the budget. Coles pushes of approving the budget to the end of the meeting
14:00 – resident complains about the traffic. Says it directly connected to high density and that schools are located in residential areas. 
18:00 – resident asks why the municipality does not provide free trash pick up to public schools vs. private schools. Mayor Coles avoids her question
21:00 – Mrs. Reznik 
25:00 – FAA tells how a Hasidic Jew from Brooklyn a few days ago came to the zoning board for a variance for his single family home and was flatly denied, while them same night all other variances were approved. Its proof that you need to bring an engineer/ lawyer whom are well connected (LOBIYISTS) in order to get approved. 

29:40 – FAA says that when the committee gives direction to the planning/ zoning board – the boards listen for a meeting or two, then they go back their previous ways. 
30:00 – Aaron Hirsch asks the committee if the township is making or losing money by changing zoning and by keeping the airport. Coles mumbles. 
34:34 – Moshe Friedman speaks about the traffic on Cary st. & Rt. 9. He spoke to the Police dept. who promised to mark a yellow line, which never happened.
36:00 – Nechama Goldstein will N Crest ( westgate) be made a one way
37:26 – FAA is told that 5.5 M is the amount spending this your more than last year.
45:10 – from the APP asks for a clarification. 
46:10 – Aaron Hirsch asks regarding the funds related to the stadium
52:30 – FAA is asking who asked for the zone change. They don’t have answers. Asks if they used a lobbyist. Demands it should be discussed at the workshop. Coles gives a lame excuse that he needs to manage his time. 
58:21 – FAA asks what’s wrong with naming a street Zinfendel Rd. crowd laughs
1:04:33- all committeeman except of the Isaac Akerman sign a letter stating they are pro high density. FAA questions Coles if he is changing his 


  1. Coles has yo go he was constantly mumbling and had no answers to valid questions or concerns. This committee is numb and out of touch they are puppets beholden to the vaad and other well connected power brokers with financial interests.
    The needs of the people are ignored and when you question them they lie or pass the buck and blame others.
    They can no longer govern this way.
    It's time for new fresh blood that will be there for the residents and tax payers.

  2. Its interesting. I did not find Coles mumbling at all. He answered about the garbage pickup. That he wants To give it yo,public schools also and will discuss it with commitee. I happen to disagree. The public school is getting our tax dollars any way so essentially we are already paying for their garbage pickup through our taxes. The Mosdos are not getting any of our tax dollars so the township wants to help them a little bit by picking up their garbage.

  3. They did not know about the airport or stadium and blame the LIC. We did not elect the LIC we elected the committee. If they can't do the basic jobs they should please resign. No excuse for what goes on The buck stops with the committee.

    1. If you believe they didn't know, I have a bridge to sell you.

  4. He clearly said that the Faa will not let the airport be sold.Many years ago the township got federal dollars for the airport and the govt will not allow the airport to close. The FAA has a public interest to have small airports.

    1. You gotta get a good lawyer to look into this. There is something arent telling us. Only telling us what they want you to hear

  5. A member of the LIC does not live in Lakewood. Why is the township allowing a non lake resident to sit on a local board and spend our tax dollars?

    Also why does the director get a 6 figure salary?
    Could the LIC show how much they generated as profit?

  6. Now we learn The Township pays for utilities at blue claws stadium but gets reimbursed by the blueclaws.
    Has anyone seen these reimbursement payments?

    Why would they blue claws pay directly for the utilities? They leased the stadium even for off season events!

    The Blue Claws pay rent to the LIC but the money does not go into the township account, rather it stays in the LIC budget and they spend it.

    People now you know why your taxes Keep going up.

  7. Fyi, the "resident" who inquired about the town also adding trash pickup for the already taxing school district authority is nota resident of Lakewood & writes her blog out of her Brick Twp home office.