Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Public Statement from Democrate Candidate Township committee Dovid Gruman

Hi To All My loyal supporters,

Due to the overwhelming amount of correspondence I have received since the VAAD endorsement was released . I apologize for the delay in responding to all of your messages personally but rest assured I will be responding to all of you personally within the next few days. For efficiency I decided to share my thought here in the interim.

I too find it very disturbing that the Lakewood Vaad would write specifically about me that I am an unqualified candidate. They put out separate flyers for the republican and democrat election. I am running on the democratic ticket and I am the only candidate they are not endorsing.

They wrote “Regrettably, there is a vocal effort by several unqualified candidates to divide the Kehilla”

1. They never called or attempted to reach out to me to learn to determine who I am and what I stand for.
How can they determine I am unqualified without knowing anything about me?

2. I am an individual but they clearly state several candidates?

They continue to write. 
“They are running a negative and misleading campaign” 

1. I never ran nor do I plan on running a negative or misleading campaign. My campaign is the exact opposite- I am trying to bring positive change to the town. I am simply in the race to help ALL of the people of Lakewood and insure that ALL of the people’s best interests are taken into account.
2. Again I am an individual but the letter states “they are”

In closing I appreciate all of your dedicated support. I will continue to run a positive campaign.
It is my hope and prayer that their letter does not end up in the hands of non-Jews as this will magnify the present Chilul Hashem. Many of you are calling for me to react in a similar fashion,I feel that it is important to show restraint by taking the high road. Let us not lose sight and remember that our number one goal is to sanctify Hashem’s Name.
Have a good Yom Tov 

Your candidate for Township committee
Dovid Gruman


  1. Harold HerskowitzMay 30, 2017 at 8:24 AM

    The VAAD is using Aaron Hirsh to try and split the vote. Please be aware , they don't want him elected but are simply using him. No other candidates were allowed to post on matzav besides Hirsh. Also be aware when you see names like shlomo and chaim and Chevy and Miriam. The comments are all written by Hirsh. There is too much on the line. We need to vote as one

    Democrat or independents
    Please vote for
    David Gruman
    Republicans, please vote for
    Abraham Sharaby
    Yosef Travis

  2. $$$$ drives the machine. I hope you win and put an end to the wrongs that continue unchecked.

  3. 2. I am an individual but they clearly state several candidates?

    They aren't only referring to you when they say several candidates.They are referring in general to the candidates running on either side.

  4. They put out separate flyers for each party. they used copy paste without thinking since thats what they do best

  5. I still rather Chevy and Miriam than names like Kikes and Bagel

  6. Hershel,

    Stop with the nonsense. Hirsh is NOT a va'ad puppet and you know it. He wants good for the town just like you do. You just have different opinions on a few things.

  7. HH that's a lie again. Gruman is on Matzav as well. Get your facts straight.