Monday, May 8, 2017

Master plan committee meeting today, Density sub committee report "not ready"

The Lakewood master plan committee will finally meet tonight Monday May 8 at 6 PM and will adopt the recommendations and reports of the sub committees. As of the township posting the Density subcommittee will not have its report ready in time for the meeting. There is speculation, if this is a delaying tactic or a move to keep the public from commenting on the final density report. In a letter posted below courtesy of First amendment activist, Mayor Coles asks master plan chairman and members to evaluate "where or if higher density is appropriate for Lakewood".  It appears to be giving the green light to add density in some areas. Committeeman Akerman did not sign on to the letter. 
If you worry about the future of Lakewood it is crucial to attend the meeting. Here is the official Lakewood township agenda:

 Master Plan Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda Monday May 8, 2017 6:00pm
Lakewood Township Municipal Building 231 3rd St. Lakewood, NJ 0870
II. Review and adoption of Subcommittee Reports
A. Park and Open Space Report
B. Transportation Report
C. Downtown Report
D. Senior Community Needs

III. Review of correspondence from the Lakewood Industrial Commission regarding
proposed zoning regulations for schools in the Lakewood Industrial Park
IV. General discussion regarding school development
V. Comments from board members
VI. Comments from the public
VII. Adjournment



    See the link for details on how the Density Subcommittee is trying to backtrack...

  2. The voice of (the vaad)Lakewood reported about it that the density committee want to meet again before the public meeting.
    This is obviously an attempt to pull a fast one over the residents to silence the opposition and avoid public backlash about the recommendation. We should demand a full public meeting where the residents will have a chance to see the report and bring up concerns.

  3. This committee should be renamed to sesame street. The members are representing special interests developers, and other well connected individuals. Meir Lichtenstein supposedly was involved in choosing the members some of those have never publicly attended any meeting.
    Let's see if they are courageous enough to show up.

  4. Nice TVOtvoL the voice of the vaad of lakewood