Tuesday, May 2, 2017

LIC spends additional 185K on the airport hangars

The original bid to install Hangars at the Lakewood airport was at $2,208,638.00 (Two Million, Two Hundred Eight Thousand, Six Hundred Thirty Eight and 00/100 Dollars) Now the contractor asked for an additional 185K because "these additional charges were not included in the bid response but were caused by conditions that were outside of the control of the Contractor."

After Monmouth executive airport kicked out private plane owners they pushed a plan to store their planes at Lakewood airport. The LIC which is not an elected board( The same guys who signed the Blue Claws deal) spent 2.5 million of our tax dollars with a promise of bringing in revenue to the township by charging rent to keep these planes at the airport. The same logic was used to justify building the stadium which cost over 30 million and did not generate a penny back to the tax payers.
see the approval  HERE and below.

 WHEREAS, sealed bids were received on December 17, 2015 for the construction of this
project which resulted in an award of construction contract to Iorio Construction Company, 700
Vassar Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 08701 in the amount of $2,208,638.00
(Two Million, Two Hundred
Eight Thousand, Six Hundred Thirty Eight and 00/100 Dollars) for completion of all planned
aspects of this phased project for three hangar structures; and
WHEREAS, the following contract change orders were presented for the following
All material, labor and equipment necessary to complete the following work and to adjust the total
contract as indicated:
005b JCP&L Electric Service Option 2 (site prep / clearing / installing conduits
2-5” pull boxes
006 Winter Charges Hangar #1- concrete and additives 12/13/16 $3,421.44
007 Winter Charges Hangar # 2- concrete and additives 12/21/16 $3,654.00
008 Winter Buckets and Blankets $8,146.80
009R Cost for winter concrete, additives for Hangar #3 1/9/17 (request for
overtime removed)
010R Cost for winter concrete, additives for Building #1, 2 & 3 (request for
overtime removed)
T:\(LIC) ---Lkwd Industrial Comm\0- MEETING PREPARATION\RESOLUTIONS\2017 Resolutions\070401 Change Order Iorio
CO#s 005b thru 012.docx
WHEREAS, Project Manager, Kenneth Ressler (RVE) reviewed the change orders
presented by the Contractor for accuracy and made comparison to the specifications prepared and
responded to by the Contractor; and WHEREAS, the above change orders reflect that these additional charges were not included in the bid response but were caused by conditions that were outside of the control of the Contractor.
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, and based on the above justifications, the Lakewood
Industrial Commission hereby authorizes Change Order #005b, 006, 007, 008, 009R and 010R as requested.
I hereby certify the above to be a true copy of a resolution
adopted by the Industrial Commission of the Township of
Lakewood, Ocean County, New Jersey at its meeting held
on the 5th day of April, 2017.
or Steven Reinman, as Secretary-designee, in the
absence of the Secretary


  1. This is off topic, but what is up with Inzelebuch in collaboration with TLS and their constant articles attacking Lakewood and the BOE. He makes it seem as if it is the fault of Lakewood Taxpayers that there are funding problems, when we are already maxed out.

    I get that he is partially calling for a state funding change, but he also is requesting more from the residents (TLS is not the forum to get the funding formula changed).

    Why know concern from Inzelbuch for the taxpayers who are being mugged? Why no concern when property taxes kept ballooning? Why no concern when courtesy busing was cut? Would he have the same concern if there was no 2% cap on property taxes and there was nothing left to cut from private school children?

    1. Does Michael pay TLS

    2. Based on the frequency and tone of the articles, it is likely.

    3. I was banned from TLS for criticizing the articles

    4. I wasn't banned, but no negative comments against Inzelbuch are very printed. The worst kind of swamp creature is the one that pretends to be noble while sucling you dry.

  2. Somw LIC members do not even live in Lakewood! !!!!!!!
    This should be brought to the attention of the township committee immediately.
    How can a Non Lakewood resident sit on a board and vote to spend tax payer money.

  3. Al the corruption goes on at these boards and committees there is no oversight the township looks the other way and plays dumb letting them play with the cookie jar.
    Its time to Vote out the corrupt committee members and let the people once again have a say. Enough is enough!

  4. lakewood economics 101 create a position pay someone six figure salary to head a commission now in order to keep his job they have to show that they are actually doing something. So lets spend millions of dollars on the airport and stadium so we can make 100k off the township.

  5. Does anyone know who has title to the airport and the stadium? The Township or the LIC?

  6. Harold HerskowitzMay 3, 2017 at 8:08 AM

    From what I understand, all LIC owned properties are required to pay property taxes. For some reason the Blue Claws stadium is tax exempt. At a value of 40 million dollars(approximately), we should be generating close to a million dollars a year in property taxes alone. This disregard of the taxpayer has gone on for too long. We must go out and Vote for those that will help us all and can get the job done.

    Republicans that are voting against the establishment anyway should vote for
    JUNE 6th
    5 days after shavuos

  7. Close the corrupt LIC it's a unelected board with no oversight spending away our tax dollars.