Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Letter: Lakewood’s LED Sign Problem

Letter to the editor in the JewishvoiceNY

Lakewood’s LED Sign Problem
Dear Editor:
Here is yet another example of corrupt behavior that has the potential to cause serious damage to the residents of Lakewood.
Most residents agree that 40 foot high LED signs that are 30 feet wide dispersed throughout Lakewood were a bad idea. We established that no other town in NJ allows signs of that magnitude on local high traffic roadways. We know that there is strong evidence that they can cause accidents, they are an eyesore, and will surely be another point of contention from surrounding towns already looking at Lakewood in a negative light.

So the big question is of course, why would the Township allow this? And furthermore who will  benefit from these signs, and how was the permission given to one specific individual?
As we now know, the individual benefiting from the revenue of these signs will be ... ..  and his new partner,  Elray signs of Brooklyn. This of course explains why our committee, guided by Mayor Ray Coles, would even consider such a ridiculous idea. If the person asking for approvals for LED signs is the person you need when you want to promote an agenda, or get re-elected, you try to oblige.
If you want to make sure he will get video of you painting over graffiti with the police, even though you were only there for two minutes, if you want him to post an article about how you saved the town money, no matter how negligible, or what a true patriotic mayor you seem to be, you will trade the safety and beauty of your town for that benefit.
So now we know why they listened to the owner of T... How did they make sure he was the only one able to get the approvals for all five signs?
The ordinance was read as usual with no publicity and very few people knew about it. By the time the second reading was approved on July 25th the applicant already had all the engineering plans and sites ready along with the approval forms to be submitted the next morning. At 8:01 am on July 26th all forms were submitted to the inspection department.
This latest, seemingly insignificant, matter is a perfect example of how everything gets done in Lakewood to benefit a specific individual at the expense of what is best for Lakewood. We have allowed our indifference to give carte blanche reckless behavior to a few individuals that weigh their own needs above the needs of our town. Their concern for self promotion and constant bargaining to ensure that they get the votes they need to remain on the Committee is a detriment to our town. The Zoning and Planning of Lakewood has become one big joke, where it doesn't matter what you are proposing but who you know and what you have to hold against them.
The time has finally come to put an end to all this recklessness. We are swiftly destroying our town through a series of favors for a few.
Recently the Township Committee gave approvals to give the old Community center in the downtown area to an individual known to garnish favors from the committee. In exchange for this property, he promised to build a bigger, better community center in a different location. This “deal” is something that should have been a public bid. Once again our Committee gave away our benefits to a private individual that will most probably never build any state of the art community center, simply because they need his support.
In the upcoming election we have three very promising young, honest, candidates. Abraham Sharaby, and Yosef Travis in the Republican Primary and David Gruman running against the incumbent Demorat Ray Coles. Hopefully a new Committee can still fix the wrongdoings that have kept Lakewood from prospering for all residents, and not for a select few.
Meshulum Aronowitz
published in The Jewish Voice


  1. How about some statements or letters to the editor/editorials from the candidates themselves??

  2. Aaron Hirsch is also running on the Republican ticket. Why is his name left out of multiple articles this site posts? Hirsch has actual real life experience in running a business, and owning his own business, he understands how to do things. What experience or qualifications do these other guys have? They can't even be bothered to show up.

    1. cause hirsch has already been bought by the CORRUPT VAAD & TOWNSHIP behind YOUR backs. wake up, open your eyes & smell the coffee of this dishonest & corrupt town. this is a major chillul Hashem following the ways of ramapo NY, where it is coming to the point that i hope they get caught-in all their corruption-& locked up (although they are my own brothers)

      let them wake up now & do teshuva before its too late. shut the corrupt lakewood VAAD down & walk away before the community shuts them down by force. they are just a group of people looking out for themselves to pocket some gelt.

    2. Seriously? Have you even read his ads in all of the local papers? If you think that the Vaad endorses that, I got a bridge to sell you. What if you are wrong? Is it OK to trash someone in public on matters you could be wrong about?

    3. Harold HerskowitzMay 17, 2017 at 11:13 AM

      He asked to meet wuth the VAAD and their leader . They are using him to split our vote . Worst case scenario they know they can control him. Please do not fall for this scam

      Gruman Raitzik
      Sharaby Travis

  3. I'll have to admit that the LED signs don't really bother me. Where are the others besides the one at Blue Claws, btw? But the way that the contract was awarded and the corrupt way that so many things happen in this town do bother me. And that's why, for the first time in many, many years that I live in Lakewood, I will vote for whoever the VAAD doesn't recommend.

  4. The kids that are playing on the park by the community center are not walking to Vine St. This is the 3rd park in the center of town that the town is "giving away" to make some people happy.