Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lakewood School district sends letter to parents ahead of trip to Trenton

The district is sending 350 high school students to Trenton tomorrow to gather support for more funding. 

 Dear Parents and Guardians,

We write this to you to inform you about events occurring at the High School and our district as a whole.

As you may be aware due to an approximate $15 million deficit, we are forced to lay off hundreds of staff and severely curtail services and sports.The Board nor the Township want this and are attempting to gather support for additional funding from Trenton.

Our staff and students are very concerned.

Therefore, as a result of legitimate concern of our staff and students and so as to have an organized vehicle to express their viewpoints, we are having our history, art, and language art classes focus on our democratic values of First Amendment rights and freedom of the press over the next few days.

We are also hosting Senator Singer and Township Mayor Coles on Wednesday to speak to the students about the government process, in part, based on core curriculum. Thereafter, approximately 350 students from the High School will be traveling to Trenton to express their sentiments to the officials at the State Board of Education. Buses are being sponsored and arranged by a Lakewood alumnus and will have staff and security with police escort thanks to the generosity of the Mayor and Township committee.

Many have asked to participate, however, we can not allow parents, clergy, or community activists to participate because of insurance concerns and more importantly because this is an educational experience for our students - not to be utilized by any one group or groups.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call either one of us at the Board Office or the High School.

Laura A. Winters
Superintendent of Schools 


  1. "generosity of the Mayor and Township committee."
    Are they sponsoring it out of their pocket?

    1. They sure act like it

  2. "Lakewood alumnus" lol Inzelbuch can't get enough attention out of this.