Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lakewood Primaries Meet The Candidates

David Gruman for township committee
New Leadership Delivering Results for ALL OF Our Community 
Dovid is a 3rd generation Lakewood resident. His grandfather was a talmid of Rav Aharon Kotler Zatzal. His father was born in Lakewood in Paul Kimball hospital and Dovid has been living in Lakewood his entire life. He studied in BMG for 9 Years. Dovid is married with 3 children and is a homeowner in Somerset Walk. He is proud to own his own business that is headquartered right here in Lakewood's industrial park.
Growing up in Lakewood Dovid has seen much change in this town. He
remembers driving on Route 9 South 15 years ago in middle of the day with no traffic. Lakewood is a beautiful town with a lot to offer and is a great place to live and raise a family. Dovid would like to show our residents just how much better it can be. Make Lakewood Greater Again!
Dovid’s agenda would include lowering property tax, promoting traffic solutions that include opening, widening and resurfacing our current roads and reassessing any new zoning changes in order to control density without denying homeownership opportunities

David Gruman –Platform
Halt zoning changes – until we develop a smarter plan
A temporary freeze on any zoning variances for a minimum of 90 days until we develop a plan that will allow us to move forward responsibly. Approvals will still continue in zones where the required minimum land is satisfied.  Change of use or any subdivions not meeting the current zoning requirements will not be heard during this period.

Stop all spot zoning 

Continue the “no rezone” policy implemented by the township committee in 2015. We will not entertain any planning or zoning changes on the township committee.  

We will set up an oversight committee to reevaluate all current and future members of the zoning and planning board to ensure they  have all of the people in Lakewood’s best interest in mind, and that there  aren’t any conflicts of interest.

Once we establish a plan forward we will start to hear all cases with the following requirements as a minimum: 

Require all new projects to install sidewalks as well as roads to benefit the town to improve the flow of traffic in general.

Never closing any potential streets or thoroughfares to potentially disrupt future road plans

Every development or future construction planning requiring a rezone or variance will need to be assessed if this will benefit the town both financially and by adding to the quality of life.

As well as other rules will be set into place before reopening hearings on zoning/ planning changes.

Traffic and Roads
We will set a priority on 3 key factors


We will open up as many township roads as possible to create alternate thoroughfares for all the residents of Lakewood, while attempting to insure minimal negative impact on current residents quality of life due to increased vehicular traffic on said roads.


We will evaluate all township roads to determine which roads should be widened in order to improve traffic flow.


We will expedite the resurfacing of all township roads that are in disrepair. The condition of some of our roads is unacceptable, as is the pace of the township’s current resurfacing program. We must make this a priority.

We will work with the county and state to do the same(open, widen, resurface) where applicable on the roads under their jurisdiction


We will work to lower all residents’ property taxes especially our senior residents

We will make sure all township expenses and contracts are put out for a proper bid and all contracts are renegotiated to ensure our tax dollars are not being wasted. This includes all  township expenses as well as department of public works.

Seniors who cost the town less money (no school aged children not requiring schooling,busing or special needs services) will receive pay lower taxes

A full reassessment into the department of public works to stop all wasteful spending.

Business development in Lakewood

We will help small business start and continue to grow here in Lakewood by finding space to relocate all schools currently in industrial park to develop more space for commercial use.

We will give small business incentives to move and grow here in Lakewood 

This will stimulate the local economy and offer jobs to our residents.

Lakewood Is a great place we intend to Make it even Greater!
Vote For David Gruman  on June 6th


  1. Herschel, all eyes are waiting for your comment

    1. Harold HerskowitzMay 21, 2017 at 8:07 PM

      Gruman is awesome. He has the calm personality needed to rip the Lakewood government up and turn it over. I can't wait

  2. "Seniors who cost the town less money (no school aged children not requiring schooling,busing or special needs services) will receive pay lower taxes"
    Dumb comment!
    Should we start basing tax s on family size? Should we charge more property taxes to families with special needs?? Highly doubt it is legal to base property tax on what services one uses.
    Can't we find someone a little more qualified to beat out the incumbents?

    1. Harold HerskowitzMay 21, 2017 at 8:13 PM

      What he meant was that seniors housing values rise as Jewish seniors move in from Brooklyn. Their assessment goes up and they get priced out of their homes. That is not fair on someone with a fixed income that is not actually costing the town for services. We need to freeze their appraisals at the current value or the value they paid for the home. In reality it is unfair for any homeowner to have their home appraised for a higher value than the purchase price. For now that cannot be changed. But for seniors that are on fixed incomes, something must be done.

    2. Many non seniors are also effectively on fixed incomes. I agree with you that school taxes should not come from property tax, and raising taxes on someone's home and taxing them out of it is unfair, but that is a state issue, and it effects all homeowners, not just seniors.

      What should be done is that people who have apartments in their basements or attics should be taxed at a higher rate. They are consuming more services then a single family home, and should be taxed accordingly.

  3. Here is my issue, I get the concept of trying to get the senior vote, but I am sick of segmenting Lakewood into special interests groups.

    While seniors do not currently have children in public school, most of them did at one point.

    I am not a senior, but lived in my home for 10 years before sending any children to school. I have paid taxes for 20 years, and at most, has busing for 2 children at one time.

    I am not looking for special treatment. I understand the special needs of seniors on fixed income, and there is already state rebates and other issues that attempt to address that, but their needs to be an equitable solution that will reign in taxes for everyone.

  4. I don't love this small business incentives stuff, and I won a small business in Lakewood. This leaves a lot of room for corruption and playing favorites, like the current government is doing with the PILOT program.

    There is no lack of demand for small businesses to be located in Lakewood. What there is, is a shortage of industrial space for small businesses to be located. There are either large warehouses in the industrial park, or nothing.

    What there needs to be is increased zoning for industrial properties. If there is space available, the businesses will come. I know this for a fact

    1. how did you win the business? in a chinese auction?

    2. Harold HerskowitzMay 21, 2017 at 8:18 PM

      We need businesses that will keep our money in our town. We also need businesses that will attract outside money to be spent in Lakewood and stay in Lakewood . For example, we need a food distributor that will service New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Baltimore. We have been relying on New York for far too long. Why give them our money? We need to promote local businesses so money stays in out town. Money used to pay tuitions, property taxes, and charity .

    3. HH,

      Here is where I disagree with you. It is not the governments job to pick winners and losers in business. Aside for that, this is where you can really create opportunities for corruption.There is also no shortage of people opening businesses in Lakewood.

      What there is, is a shortage of land where small businesses/ warehouses can be located. Preserving land for that use via zoning, is within the purview of the township committee.

      Forcing these business to compete for the same land as residential development is bad planning. Like you mentioned, businesses like this are inherently beneficial

      To get hung up on one particular industry not existing in Lakewood is bad government, and bad business. there is no shortage of entrepreneurs and capital in Lakewood. If the business makes sense, eventually, someone will open it.

    4. Harold HerskowitzMay 23, 2017 at 2:26 AM

      I guess that is where i disagree with you Mr. Bagel. Successful town's promote businesses that make the town a better place to live and bring money and prestige to their town without hurting established businesses. If you want to , I can take you to Collingwood where the mayor of the town transformed his entire town by micromanaging and promoting the right businesses that make the town great. Or we can go to Highland park, where their downtown is respectable and only approved businesses are allowed on their main street . Or perhaps we can go to Westfield or Red Bank. These are all towns with respectable businesses and a respectable image. Edison has an amazing industrial park that hosts world class companies and industry. We could have that here , but our committeemen were too busy with listening to every builder that needed a favor. Our committee has no idea what is going on with businesses in our town. They take no concern in where new malls open that might hurt existing businesses qnd cause more traffic that deters shopping. As a matter of fact, Meir Lichtenstein himself is a manager of retail stores that are owned by people he has done a myriad of favors for through his township connections. They now control most of the retail on the south side of route 9 and are literally controlling the businesses that rent by them . That! Is abuse of power That!Is irresponsible development and That!hurts our community. Our government helping to create and attract new businesses and entrepreneurs that bring outside money into lakewood will only help this town recover from the last 15 years of abuse.

    5. Harold HerskowitzMay 23, 2017 at 2:48 AM

      "It is not the governments job to pick winners and losers in business"
      Our committee has been doing exactly that for the people that made sure to grease the right palms to get approvals to build strip malls. They hurt exisitng businesses and put pressure on others to open second and third locations to make sure that their businesses don't suffer from competition that takes away from their customer base while not even being profitable for the new competitor.
      There is absolutely no reason that a town the size of Lakewood should need 5 bagel shops. Yet they created the need by making dense areas that still require driving, and the inability to get around town. Then they made strip malls for each area which service those small neighborhoods, but that is not enough for each business to thrive. This town wasn't planned, it was built in a whirlwind of improper approvals and backdoor deals. Now it's time to fix it.
      We need visionaries, not bean counters, corrupt politicians, or clueless stand ins.
      Vote democrats and independents
      June 6th

    6. I wasn't advocation for the incumbents, but what you propose is just trading one favored group for another.

  5. Harold HerskowitzMay 21, 2017 at 5:02 PM

    David Gruman would make an excellent committeeman. He is calm, self effacing and open to suggestions and new ideas. He doesn't think he knows it all , but he already understands enough to be able to make some serious changes from day one. .
    He will work well with Aisik Akerman and Sharabi or Travis . We look forward to having him replace committee members that only listen to a select few.
    If you are a Democrat
    Vote for Gruman and Raitzik
    If you are a new Republican
    June 6th after shavuos

  6. I have a question. Is Gruman a vaad stoolie now? He was allowed to run an ad in the voice this past week. Someone was saying that about another candidate as being a vaad stoolie because he was allowed to advertise in the voice.

    1. Harold HerskowitzMay 21, 2017 at 8:19 PM

      He demanded equal treatment and received it. It is the law .He paid for his ad.

    2. I see, and any other candidate who is allowed to advertise there is getting it for free and obviously it's a Vaad job?

  7. He talks sense.
    BUT!-If he's in any way a vaad yes man?, We can't have him, no matter what he says prior to election.

  8. Joe Bagel, I disagree with you in regards to smaller warehouses. Plenty of smaller warehouses are sitting empty in lakewood because they can not find tenants. I know of three in particular that are sitting empty due to lack of interest. I would be happy to pass along the info of these properties if you know of a business looking.

    1. I have a small warehouse between 1k-1.5k sq ft. get asked all the time by people if there are any vacancies. So if you know of any 750sq ft -1,500 sq ft, let me know

  9. I live couple doors down from R Dovid , he is not with the vaad nor s he against them. He is level headed and will do what is right. He doesnt need anyones money( sorry developers) and he is a yarei shamayim. SO if R Yeruchem calls him he will listen and he will do but if R Aharon calls him he will listen but only do if its toeless hatzibur / He is the best candidate of the group

    1. TX, Exaclty was Hirsch has been doing all along.

    2. What if Reb Malkiel Kotler calls him?

  10. As someone living in a senior community, I must commend Harold Herskowitz for his comments. His common sense and probity are a valued contribution to Lakewood. Bravo!

  11. Let's see if you will post this or be like TLS. Will you only post one way attacks made by Harold? It looks like Harold is in control of hefkervelt. Are you going to block the Harold attacks, or allow others to dispute his pure lies????

    Harold, first of all you need to learn how to spell. Secondly, I would appreciate you stop lying about my neighbor. Hirsch is absolutely no vaad rubber stamp. Stop the lies and false attacks already. Enough is enough. You are just trying to clean the field of real competition so you can run as an independent in the general election. Will you promise us that you won't run this year?

    1. Harold HerskowitzMay 23, 2017 at 9:53 PM

      Hirsh is being used by the VAAD as a way to disruot what we are trying to accomplish.They know they can control him, and they would, if he could win, which he cannot. But he can ruin everything and ensure that delia wins. As fornmy speeling, I can assure you that I came in second place in my school spelling bee. While i may not type that carefully on my phone, I know how to spell. Thank you very mich.
      I also am able to tell when certain things are written by Hirsh himself. There are a few posts praising Hirsh, that I am sure were written by him. That is just sad.

    2. Harold HerskowitzMay 23, 2017 at 9:55 PM

      And what if I wanted to run? I don't. But what if I did? You have a problem with that? Mr. See and spell?

    3. Harold HerskowitzMay 23, 2017 at 10:04 PM

      Hey chaim. I just spell checked all my posts , besides one apostrophe that was added by my keyboard, I cannot find one error in my speeling. Maybe a few run on sentences, but I am usually in a rush when I wright. So , the same way I wouldn't trust you to be my copy editor, I wouldn't trust you to choose a committeeman. He may be a nice neighbor, but he does not belong on the township committee.

    4. Harold HerskowitzMay 23, 2017 at 10:10 PM

      'I would appreciate you stop lying about my neighbor.' Not only am I not telling any lies about your neighbor, that is also not correct English. Maybe you should learn how to write before you criticize others, "chaim"
      I would appreciate (if you would) stop criticizing other people's writing . Especially if you write like English is your second language.


      Why do you keep on avoiding the question?

      Your attacks is to bully your only competition for the Novemeber 7th election.
      First you need to start by being honest, and share the truth with everyone.
      We can't hear you.

      Also we all know when you write anonymously, I will give you one blaring hint. You haven't learned how to spell the name Hirsch once correctly in all of your rants. There is more, we know when you write. Just stick to writing with your name only.

    6. Harold, can you stop your lies? The vaad does not need to use Hirsch. They would use your guys, just like you called them "HAROLD's VAAD DUMMY CANDIDATES". Harrold deny that you didn't call your guys DUMMIES in front of Hirsch and Akerman at the Republican club a few weeks ago????? Anyone can ask Committeeman Isaac Akerman or Hirsch for the truth. It's time for honesty, and tell everyone the real truth for attacking Hirsch.

    7. Harold HerskowitzMay 24, 2017 at 10:33 PM

      His name is spelled Aisik. I don't care how to spell Hirshes name and I never send in anonymous posts ever. You must really like Hirsh to spend so much time writing about him and defending the spelling of his name. I know that what i write I sign my name on. I also know that anyone that has had a discussion with Hirsh told me that............... And that he may not be the right choice . Too many of these anonymous posts or ones signed with first names sound like Hirsh. Sign your real name or get off the pot.

  12. Mazal Tov. Finally someone got through. Hirsch is the most independent in this race. The only one of the new guys running with actuall real life experience, and real ideas. I know some of you like to hire inexperienced people, like a handyman to build a house. Hmmm. How about building up a town? A inexperienced handyman type is just as good as a professional? Let's get real in here already. Thank you.

    1. Harold HerskowitzMay 24, 2017 at 7:09 AM

      This is ridiculous. The guy just moved here. He has no idea about the relationships between all the people involved in the township. He doesn't know who works in the departments, who they answer to, and what their influence is. He is like a sparrow flying into a hurricane. He has one purpose ,and that is to pull votes away from the candidates that can work with akerman to turn the town around. He is the Jill Stein of this campaign . If he truly cared, he would have never run, or dropped out already. He has no understanding about planning a town, nor should he. Who does he think he is ? Moses? By Moses I mean Robert, not the real one . I don't expect you or Hirsh to know who that is . You can Google it and then he can pretend he knows what he is talking about at the next town meeting.

    2. I know Hirsch has tried to talk to Harold, but he refuses to sit down like a mensch and talk. You won't sit and talk with Hirsch. You can't imagine that anyone besides you is capable. You act like you are the king of Lakewood. Right Harold!!!!!

  13. Basically this race has become HH saying trust me who to vote for. Well maybe people have a right to think for themselves and not follow HH blindly .You probably won't post this because it looks like HH has taken over this site.

  14. Well let me present the other side of the story, I wrote a number of comments with questions I had about Hirsch that weren't published.

    Maybe it is because the person who runs this site doesn't have neough time and misses some comments, maybe it is because certain comments may be to personal. Stop looking for some cosnpiracy when it's not there/

  15. Maybe the person running the site does not want Hirsch to have a platform. TBL, sent this site a positive article and showed some really good Township exposure, that was big news, but HV doesn't publish anything positive on Hirsch.
    Probably won't post this as well.

  16. FYI, Hirsch has a website, you can send him questions from there. If you truly have any questions he will be more than happy to answer you.
    I know, because I did the same and got a very quick reply.

    Btw, if the person running this site can't get to all of the comments he should retire. That would be a very lame excuse, that he didn't have time to read it.

    1. Retire? Do you see any ads on this site?

    2. Harold HerskowitzMay 25, 2017 at 11:27 AM

      Ladies and Gentlemen introduciiiiing "MEYER"!!
      Suddenly all these people posting their first names.