Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lakewood Primaries: Meet the candidates

Avraham Sharaby for Committeeman 2018 (Abraham Sharaby)Avraham Sharaby – Political Agenda
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Propose a 120 day building moratorium, during which time sensible changes to building planning will be implemented. 
Negotiate with Ocean County for them to take responsibility and update county roads.
Earmark funds to repair township roads for the safety of both pedestrians and motorists. 
Require all developers to install sidewalks on all projects unless deemed unnecessary by the township committee. 
Facilitate new appointees for zoning and planning board officials. 
Require a full reassessment of all zoning maps. 
Roll back changes to high density in areas that are not walkable to shopping and schools.
Discontinue the current township practice of giving away paper streets to developers.

Focus on open space and recreation for our families. 
End spot zoning and zoning variances that change the character of neighborhoods and result in traffic nightmares and safety issues. 
Enforce inspection to remove illegal substandard mufti-family housing in single family dwellings - which are often dangerous and put a strain on township resources.

Lower Taxes

Stabilize taxes through careful management of Town resources.
Maintain property values by preserving neighborhoods and controlling development.
No tax giveaways to developers or other businesses.

Power back to the people 

LIC and LDC should be disbanded; all decisions should be given over to the Township committee.
A full revamp of public works. 
Outside oversight and auditing of all purchasing decisions.
Cut township wasteful spending- Engineering and Attorney services should be outsourced to lowest bidders, ensuring no conflict of interests.
Increase township income 
Public posting of any approvals or land sales with all information available.
No tax abatement's more than 5 years. 
Full transparency on all Township activities. Redesign township website to allow all meetings to be broadcast live and archived on video for future reference. 

You Deserve Better 

Direct elections for Mayor (Re. Faulkner act). Township residents deserve to democratically elect and decide who should be their mayor. 
Improve transparency - create an online forum where all citizens can voice their concerns and have them answered by a committee member. 
The township committee and township departments are here to both work for you and service you.

Advocate for moral values in Township, County, State and Federal issues.
Advocate for true school vouchers, an issue that is functioning in Jewish areas in Ohio and other states.
Educating residents on serious issues such as current suicide bills how it may affect them.


  1. Again, shortfall on actual experience. You are asking for a job, without a resume showing how you're qualified and have actual experience for this extremely complex job. Do you even understand the process of invoking a moratorium? Please explain how you will actually get the other committee members to go along with this great plan? Please, I'm only asking for you to actually say things that you have experience with or would be capable of doing.

    1. "Do you even understand the process of invoking a moratorium?" Do you understand what the job of committeeman is? He is not the town lawyer, engineer or business manager.

      Passing a moratorium is no different then any other ordinance, although you will have to be prepared for a legal challenge, the Supreme Court in 2003 already has deemed a temporary moratorium legal (Something that you would think the Township attorney should know).

      As far as getting the rest on Board. there are 3 possibly 4 of them that will never get on board, that is why you replace them one at a time.

    2. A bigger problem then experience of the committeemen, is the lack of knowledge of voters.

    3. Harold HerskowitzMay 18, 2017 at 9:32 PM

      The plan is to get two new members in office that are on the same wavelength.
      Moratorium is doable faster than widening roads.faster than creating new infrastructure.
      Bring them on. We will keep a daily tally of the legal costs our askonim are costing the taxpayers "ltoeles harabim" (for the good of the town) . They will be ostacized and looked down upon. The pressure will be too much. A moratorium is both necessary and inevitable. We just need the right people to do it.
      Republicans that aren't voting the party line anyway
      Democrats and independents

  2. EXPERIENCE?, Look what these Committeemen did with all of their experience?

    All on the current TWP Committee gat elected with any experience besides Delia, who was kicked off last time. Now he agreed to be subservient to the Vaad.

  3. So let's continue with this lack of experience madness? you know the definition of insanity? it's doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  4. We do not need experience, we need a guy with שכל, a guy who will care for the people, for Lakewood.
    Whoever knows Sharaby Knows-HE IS THE ONE.

  5. Yes we know!!!
    One will never find a smarter, more qualified and determined candidate. Sharaby has one of the biggest שכל in world. And I have met some...
    As for the experience issue, no one will have experience unless they were commity members themselves and, well, I do not think we should repeat the previous elections...

  6. Sharaby, on the different sites where you have posted your platform, you've stated you want a "90 day moratorium" and on others a "120 day moratorium". 1. Which is it? 2. If ALL construction were to be stopped (which is what a moratorium is), then how do you propose the people who's parnassah is linked to building (not just the contractors and developers, but the myriad businesses that do building materials, electricians, HVAC people, plumbers etc, right down to the secretaries and office workers who rely on this business) to go for this plan of yours? Are they all evil in your eyes? Perhaps a more level headed approach might be more appropriate? We all agree there is a serious problem with this situation, but it needs to be handled rationally. You're talking about putting a few thousand people (Lakewood residents at that!) out of work in one day.

    1. a moratorium will stop all further approvals. Not prevent current construction.

  7. Chevy, great comment. I couldn't have said it better. That's exactly why we shouldn't just throw in anything that's not the current establishment. If you're building a house, do you hire a hire a professional or someone completely in a in another one of work? How about reestablishing an entire Township that has been derailed and is stuck off of the tracks? I guess you might want to hire someone who knows how to create a path and has skills to negotiate the best deal. It's our money that these politicians are blowing daily in the Township. Easy on our money cowboys, stop this wasteful spending,and return it back to us. The taxpayers money.