Thursday, May 11, 2017

Lakewood Links

-Severe weather possible noreaster  may put damper on Lag Baomer fires

-Big weekend at BlueClaws stadium more than 200 employees at the park to handle the fans 

-State may give more funding to Lakewood school district
State Senator Robert Singer (R-Ocean) told Hamodia that he has discussed the issue of Lakewood’s budget woes with Senate President Steven Sweeny and was hopeful that in addition to loans, funding changes could be in place by June that should benefit the district.

-Flier in Toms River opposing an application warns of other religious groups to demand approvals on similar sized lots throughout the Township Here


  1. Harold HerskowitzMay 11, 2017 at 9:04 AM

    Bob Singer has used up his favors in Trenton for his own personal gain and for his buddies. If he wasn't busy getting parkway entrances near Blue claws stadium, we would have had a normal school formula years ago. Whatever help we do get now will be too little too late. The Jewish community is bearing the brunt of the blame for the failing public schools because of our corrupt politicians.
    We need all new representation. Including a new State Senator.

    JUNE 6th

  2. Did anyone else catch this part of the Hamodia Article "As far as saving the many extracurricular programs that have been put on the chopping block, Mr. Zlatkine said there have been signals that the state might offer the town a referendum to vote on tax increases that would cover the costs."

    So the state is going to be so kind as allow us to have a referendum to raise our taxes beyond the maximum allowed by law.

    Very generous of them, but that has zero chance of passing.

    1. It is going to be we will give you the 10 million if the referendum is passed to pay for the extra curricular activities.

  3. No loans! No tax increases! If there is no $$$ than cut the extra curricular activities. If teachers need to be fired cause there is no gelt than it's sad but that is life.

  4. Raitzik is a VAAD man-Danger on the horizon. He was read the riot act by the BMG RM, etc
    Sharaby seems to have a handle on what's going on and what should not be going on.
    Travis has a concern or an advantage depending on how you look at it. (he has not found his bashert-he's in the freezer)
    Hirsch- is not interested in what is needed or not needed. Just he wants be the "wannabe" in power.
    Any other comments?

    1. Harold HerskowitzMay 11, 2017 at 2:21 PM

      Rabbi Shain has hit the nail on the head. But two things I want to add. Raitzik is a good man and I think once he realizes he has nothing to fear, he will certainly do what is best for the town if he can get elected.
      You left out Gruman, a Lakewooder that really wants to do what is right for the town and is only running to help, and not for status or glory.
      The two Democratic candidates need support to knock out Ray Coles

      Rabbi Shain knows how important it is that we get these four candidates into the generalelection so we are done with VAAD endorsed puppets.

  5. Yudel please explain how you came to these conclusions..why only hirsh gets the psak while the others dont...

  6. Just my take:
    I get a bad taste when a candidate tries to disqualify another candidate based on an unsubstasiated technicality just like I get a bad taste for a supermarket that sends a Knofler seiruv out on a competing store. The way to compete is by making yourself the Better choice. Not by playing games to force others off the field.

  7. Hirsch was asked by someone, and that was his response.
    He didn't bother responding to my email either.

  8. Please don't get the VAAD involved in the school funding issue or any other issue per se. Michael Inzulbuch is wrong for suggesting the VAAD As a contact for any issue.