Monday, May 29, 2017

Flowers for Shavuos Locations around Lakewood

(Remember to buy Yizkor Lecht if needed)
-Pearl Blau learning center erev Shavuos Flowers at BMG botei  medrashim,  NPGS, Feldmans grocery, Corner of 2nd, Mikva
-Flowers at 6520 Route 9 next to capital seforim
- Paradise gardens Flowers Corner Clifton and 4th street
-Set your table 916 River avenue
-Purple petals 7326689635
-Golden Rose flowers at Rishon center 1st and Lexington
-Flowery at 4 Corners Cafe Squankum & County Line Rd
-Gourmet Glatt
-Flower tent at 1oth and Madison apposite Aisle 9
-Shop Rite Howell

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