Monday, May 29, 2017

Clarifying Misinformation: Vaad Shamelessly Takes Credit For Hard Work Started By Ordinary Lakewood Citizens

 Posted by Takebacklakewood
Amid much misinformation, it is critical that a few points are clarified:
See the misinformation article #1 here.

For the first time ever, the VAAD has felt is necessary to publish a full list of their members. It should be noted, that while they extolled the virtues of most of the members, the main member only received a 1 liner. It should be noted, that the majority of those listed are not active members, and the primary 4 members that meet are Shenky, AK, Benny and Weissberg.

Why is the VAAD scared that frum candidates will be less attuned to the needs of the community? That argument really doesn't fly here. Are they saying that if the VAAD candidate isn't elected suddenly the askanim will stop helping the kehilla? How will the election of new candidates stop all of the progress that they claim to have made? The article talks about a block vote and how it holds candidates accountable. In this case it seems like it's the opposite. the danger is not that we won't have a block, our problems have been caused by the very fact that we have a block of people who are told who to vote for without getting the
results that benefit the majority of the community. The fact that Coles and Delia have catered to and counted on the vote of certain people for so long had led to a situation where they no longer feel the need to earn the public approval. Just earn VAAD approval and that's all. It has led to an unhealthy situation where special interest control the township committee. 

In regard to block vote which primarily impacts the state and County, there is no reason that we can't solidly back the same state and county candidates while allowing the residents of Lakewood to vote for whom they individually like best for Lakewood township. Lakewood doesn't need a block vote at the local level - it needs to satisfy whatever the majority of the residents want. 

They talk about the VAAD  caring for the interests of the Lakewood community as a whole. Which begs the question: If you hear an outpouring from the community indicating that they don't like the direction that you are leading the town in, how can you still claim to be their voice?? We are in contact with multitudes of residents who feel that their needs are not properly represented. They feel that those who claim to speak for them do not actually do things for the public's benefit. When you keep hearing someone tell you that they have your best interest in mind - and this nagging feeling (or the blatant reality) shows otherwise, it's time to wonder if the wool is being pulled over your eyes. 

The article claims that the VAAD has been working toward alleviating traffic and is bold enough to write a shocking statement: "Anyone who has recently been at a Zoning Board or Planning Board hearing can attest that the rules have tightened and that more care is being given to how future development will take place." Hmm, to whose credit is that? Since September 2016 members of the community have been banding together to once and for all oppose the ridiculous density. We've come a long way but we're not nearly done yet. There have been numerous attempts to thwart our progress by the very people who are now claiming to have been the ones responsible for the slowdown in approvals!! The even went as far as to tell advertisers not to run our innocuous ads!! Before September of 2016 the approvals were still rolling in fast and strong and even now it's a constant battle. When Mike Delia promised in December 2016 to put more conservative members on the Planning and Zoning board it cost him the Mayorship! 

The VAAD has been a vocal proponent of a need for more housing. Why not hang their heads proudly and say that they caused the current situation? How do they now claim that they were responsible for a slowdown in development??

The article says: Individual community members can have legitimate disagreements with some decisions that are made at the community or governmental levels. The Vaad not only respects that, but encourages feedback and dialogue. They constantly re-evaluate and re-calibrate their askanus based on the evolving needs of the community, as expressed to them at the grassroots level.

If that is the case, why have they been trying to silence all opposition and paint them as divisive? We have no interest in divisiveness, rather in allowing democracy to thrive where the many do not have their votes bought by the few.

The Article calls for achdus and we agree! There has been a tremendous outpouring of achdus over the last year and we are glad to see that people are finally finding their voices and standing up for what they truly want and not for what they are being told to want. 

Read the bylaws and decide for yourself if the VAAD is your representative or not. 


  1. How can the Vaad encourage feedback and dialogue, when they wouldn't even tell anyone who is on it. What is their phone number or e-mail address to begin this dialogue

    1. Vaad Hotline 732-961-1161

  2. This is an example of #FakeNews.
    The member list was never a secret, and that bylaws paper is a fake document Yudel Shain made himself. There are legitimate criticisms of the Vaad – heck, I can list at least a dozen of them. But you lose your credibility when you just become another Yudel.

    1. You are bringing up details, but missing the boat.

      The Vaad and their candidates support the developers.

      The other candidates support quality of life for the people.

      It's really that simplem

    2. I guess it's okay to lie and mislead as long as it's only about details.

      Oh, you know what kind of thing that attitude breeds? The very corruption you decry.

  3. Why don't they put some ordinary citizens on the Vaad. Seems like everyone on the Vaad is connected to each other and Gains by having a connection with politicians.
    Look around. Not one person who I spoke with machshiv the Vaad. Yet, they claim they represent us.
    Maybe it's time for an open forum with the vaad. show what you did for us.
    Yes, I understand that the Vaad has done much in the past, ie help people out in times of crisis, help people get out of the local and county jails etc, but to be a representative of the Tzibur? Be honest.

  4. Harold HerskowitzMay 30, 2017 at 6:17 AM

    This was sent to me anonymously.

    "Herschel after reading that puke piece in the Lakewood Poop
    I needed to vent"

    'They ARE the problem
    Their concern is for their own interests as they use YOUR vote to hold power and money for themselves
    Sure the municipal budget is flat yet taxes go up every year even with exponential growth in the tax base
    They solved the bussing problem for the Mosdos who are influential with the Vaad and produce votes for them " pay to play "
    And by the way all the Mosdos have FREE garbage pick up a noble cause yet you drive thru pot holes and broken streets
    Oh and did we forget about all the land that you so FAIRLY distribute amongst "yourselves " of course because our interests are yours???
    Talk about coalition
    Do you pay property taxes as you dictate how all the sheep should vote
    Wake up smell the coffee you're power is getting turned off
    Chemed and all the other programs again excellent services for "our " community as you use the money granted to supply jobs to family and friends
    Why don't you publicize 'all ' the employees who are on retainer as 'consultants ' so we can see the nepotism that you use our vote to gain from.
    Yes this is like all the Unions that have since lost their luster and respect as all their corruption finally was revealed
    They broke bones against the union busters
    You use your tactics like making sure kids don't get into schools throwing those out of BMG if they disagree or taking away their check
    Or simply blacklisting them
    We got your number and you are no different than all those before you who have exploited and betrayed those who trusted you'

  5. Harold HerskowitzMay 30, 2017 at 6:35 AM

    Taking undeserved credit for things is the only way the VAAD can try to look relevant.
    One VAAD member goes around telling people how corrupt I am that I got the township to put a parking lot next to my store . He falsely says that I bought one of the lots to make money off the township for my scheme. When people tell him what a great idea it was to connect all the parking lots and that it saves them from getting stuck in traffic, he quickly takes all credit for it.
    When the post office closed down I realized that we would need postal service in the area. I found a location, I begged Mr. Patel to use his USPS postal license in the downtown area , I helped him renovate the store. The politicians with Bob Singer and VAAD wanted to make a ribbon cutting ceremony. Mr. Patel told them that he wanted me to cut the ribbon. The ceremony was cancelled.
    There are many other people that have gone through the same thing. I can only relate my personal experiences.
    In a nutshell, like they wrote in the letter they wanted me to sign.
    I will do nothing for the klal without getting permission first .
    They left out the last line.
    Because we don't want you to make us look bad.
    When was the last time a VAAD member , or any committeeman saw a problem that needs fixing without being harassed about it? How do they not travel through our town each day and not see what is wrong?

    June 6th please vote

  6. Harold HerskowitzMay 30, 2017 at 6:37 AM

    Oh and but the way
    We owe a lot of thanks to FAA and TBL
    In one short year they caused the VAAD to have a serious case of incontinence.

  7. Of all people in Lakewood the vaad appoints a guy with a scanner that chases hatzalah calls? what an insult!

  8. Your true colors are coming out. You people hate the Mosdos that are being mechanech our kids. Busing is a problem for 20,000 parents who would have to pay. Not the Mosdos. The Mosdos don't make money on busing.

    Right now we have a machlokes between the Roshei Yeshivah and a few anonymous people with funny names. Other than HH the other posters are anonymous. Why don't you come out and say who you are so we can decide if we want to pick you instead of the Roshei Yeshivah. Maybe you are gedolei hador who have the daas Torah we are looking for .

    1. Your a vaad troll And the strategy of undermining and painting anyone with sechel as lacking daas to rah is pathetic. Most of yeshiva, went against the vaad endorsement of christie so did most of the town are they all anti yeshiva??
      Rav Simcha Bunim kohn shlita at times told people who he endorses and it was not a vaad candidate is he also not counted?
      Speak to your local Rav privately about the vaad you would be very surprised when they can speak their mind.

  9. Its ok to go against Rav Chaim and Rav Aarol Leib but here anyone who dares speak up and what is best for his family is called anti yeshiva anti Torah bla bla.. Modt of the bnei hayeshiva vota against the vaad.
    There is no halachic basis at all for anyone to listen to a self appointed vaad that has no representation in it case closed.

  10. So far, I have not seen one specific complaint against the vaad tgatbis legitimate, its all summizing and suspecting and assuming at best

    1. Because your an ostrich with its head buried in the sand.

    2. The Vaad is wrong. They are endorsing candidates who took part in adding extreme stress to the people in Lakewood.

      Everything else is irrelevant to the elections.

  11. check out this week's issue of the voice of the vaad pg 273. middle left of page graphic sums up the vaad in 1 word

  12. Who has more comments on the site TLS or Hefkervelt? I don't think many go to TLS for real news.. If you want information about a cop playing with kids, HS going to Trenton or an accident go to tls.. If you want REAL news you go to Hefkervelt or TBL...The house is tumbling...

    1. I hope it's true, but you can't prove anything from the number of comments, it's all censored. Fakenews

  13. Rav Shach, OB"M said the Roshei Yeshiva shoul concentrate only in the 4 cubits of the yeshiva and not in der shtut at all.

    So according to the Daas Torah of Rav Shach, they are foregoing the position of Roshei Yeshiva.

    We must have a branch of the MIR-Yerushalem in the tri-State area.

  14. Anyone who votes for a Vaad candidate , clearly has no idea of our terrible traffic. Drive around! , the situation is awful.