Monday, May 8, 2017

BOE meeting today, expected to vote no on the budget

With a supposedly 15 million budget shortfall the Lakewood BOE may decide to vote down the budget at todays board meeting. Officials blame the flawed NJ state funding formula for not addresing the unique situation in Lakewood leaving them with out their fair share. The meeting wll take place tonight May 8 , 6:30 pm at  855 Somerset Avenue, Lakewood. see meeting agenda HERE 
As it stands over 100 teachers will be laid off if the state wont kick in. Various community groups have united asking everyone to sign on to a petition calling on the state to fix the formula that will see more money flowing to help Lakewood public schools. There is a fear that they will try to raise property taxes and go above the allotted 2% cap. The district also revised the homeless student laws, where it is the obligation of the township to provide educational services to a homeless student based on his last known address. 
some of the items on the agenda:

80K for a audit
25K monthly retainer for legal services
6K monthly for cloud Voice mail service + 21k activation fee
24k security access control to maintain video services

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