Thursday, April 27, 2017

Summer Zman begins

Bein hazmanim comes to an end, now the hustle and bustle returns as the Ihr Hatorah begins the new Pesach zman. Bochurim and Kollel youngeleit will be returning to the shtender in their respective Yeshivos. The sweet sounds of Torah learning will be heard in the Various botei medrashim throughout Lakewood. The famous chavrusah tumul began in BMG yesterday, in order to start the zman before shabbos. 


  1. Thank you to the Kotler Family for perpetuating this sweetness and value in our lives, and thank you to all the diligent Kollel members who strive so hard to keep learning yomam v'layla with little recognition, thank you to all the wives who struggle to raise their families-nobody (human) will ever know how hard they work - and thanks to our wonderful CEO who really works so hard on supporting the budget in a torah true way. This is a great day ! May we hold on to it TIGHT !

    1. keep your propoganada to youself please. not one yungerman is learning because of any "ceo".

  2. Maybe the next time we sit in traffic before sefer it during bein hasedorim we keep these thoughts in mind. That the traffic is part of something great ,6000 yungeleit learning all day. Keep that in mind.

  3. You mean "it used to be an ihr hatorah". It was nice while it lasted.