Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Still no extra Trash pick up this year

Bulk drop off locations below

Last Year Mayor Miller said the township will have extra trash pick up prior to pesach. So far this year it does not seem that it will happen and residents have to shlep their trash to drop off sites or to the DPW. The township posted on its website that next year they may add home pick ups.
"Next year public works is exploring the possibility of more home pickups and fewer or no more drop off locations. Please stay tuned for future updates."

Lakewood Township Bulk Drop Off locations:
Open on Saturday/Sunday/ Monday (Saturday 4pm till Monday 10:30am)
9th Street / Forest Avenue
E. 9th St/ Princeton Avenue
Patrick Park / Vine Street
Brook Road Park
Sunset Road Playground
West Gate / Hillside Blvd
D’Zio Park Locust Street (Monday 6am till 10:30am only)
Public Works Yard (open 7am – 11pm this week) Saturday the Recycling center/Drop off site will be open around the clock from 7am till Monday 3PM


  1. There's a guy who will pick up your garbage from you. He can be reached at 848-525-5180

  2. It's an embarrassment to the township committee which is predominantly frum to not arrange for an additional garbage pick up erev yomtov instead of making people walk their garbage cans( like a dog )for blocks and blocks
    This o ludicrous any other town or city has additional pick ups erev pesach lkwd isn't bigger then boropark ,Williamsburg, monsey or Monroe who each service the community with an additional pick up
    Perhaps we don't pay enough taxes
    And this year they're giving out tickets if u date shlepp it in back of your car
    Catch 22 gotcha situation
    Unless your one of the VIP citizens who get a personalized xtra pick up erev yomtov
    It all boils down to who you know
    Like everything else on this town
    It's the season to clean house that goes for the township committee as well time for term limits the current boys are way too comfortable!
    Get rid of the chometz!

  3. Thank You Mayor Ray Coles for taking away the trash locations. Coles doesn't stop making things difficult. Word has it that he told the inspectors at the inspection department to make Tzaros for the frum population.

  4. Not only that, but I called last month the week before bulk pickup, and they told me that they were booked and I old need to wait for the following month.

    How about not having bulk pickup during some of the winter months, and making sure people are taken care of when they use it.

    I heard from a guy in the DPW, that it is mainly used by landlords during the winter months, and it costs the towns hip a fortune.

  5. Harold HerskowitzApril 5, 2017 at 9:19 PM

    Sometimes public services are just not as good as private. You get what you pay for. But in this case we are really paying for other people that don't pay into the system. That needs to change. We all deserve better services without paying higher taxes.

  6. Towns with a frum population a tenth of Lakewood's size have better garbage services than we do.
    Why? What are we supposed to do?