Friday, April 28, 2017

Other NJ School districts see a rise in busing costs

In New Jersey, a state law requires public school districts to transport non public school students or reimburse parents for transportation costs with aid in lieu. These students' parents are paying taxes but not using public school services. Towns in Ocean and Monmouth county are seeing an increase in busing reimbursements APP reports of sharp increases in Jackson, Brick, Howell, Toms River the article naturally puts the blame on private Lakewood schools. But thats not the case in Brick, were 826 children are transported to nonpublic schools most go to christian or other private schools. Even Jackson which according to the report will be busing 800 kids next year however the superintendent is quoted "When we were at our highest enrollment, there was high aid in lieu (reimbursement) numbers – and they weren’t going to Jewish yeshiva schools.” 
But its always fun to blame it all on Lakewood.


  1. From the grape vine:
    Someone in the legal profession is allegedly feeding information / ideas to the State Monitor detrimental to the Lakewood BOE.

    I don't believe it.

    1. if you don't believe it why did you post it?