Sunday, April 30, 2017

Lkwd links 4/30/17

-Hanochas Even Hapinah at B"M Sharei Tefilah R' Mechel Handelsman 2:30 pm 
Sunset & Liberty streets. 

Zichron Esther Shaindel annual Chometz sale taking place today at Bnos Melech simcha hall 550 James st Lakewood, from 12:00 pm- 8:00 pm

-Photos Video at Special learning Seder at BMG for Rav Borenstein  B"H his condition has slightly improved keep davening

- Lakewood Board of Ed President Iann Lobbies for Federal and Corporate  Funding to Close Budget Deficit

-Photos: Belz lakewood siyum Masechta Brachos

-A car show for motor and sports car enthusiasts  took place in the "former" shoprite plaza parking lot on Friday night. Residents walking by were confused
at what was going on as there was a huge crowd with music and many cars. Turns out it was a car meet for owners who like to show their cars.

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