Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lakewood township sets up safe exchange zone

LPD- The Township of Lakewood has set up a Safe Exchange Zone in the parking lot of the Municipal Building located at 231 3rd Street. Because of the high volume of online selling and trading of goods, we think it is important for the safety of our community to have a designated area for these purposes. “We wanted to give the residents of Lakewood a safe location to do exchanges and make purchases that are monitored by the Police Department”, said Chief Gregory Meyer. The Safe Exchange Zone is a well lit area that is under 24 hour surveillance. Read more Here.


  1. Why is menashe being so quiet? This is one of those times he would be all over this idea with pictures and ribbon cuttings and taking credit for thinking of it. Why is he hiding? I miss seeing him all over the papers.

  2. The day is here! Life is coming back to our DOWNTOWN.

    1. Except they decided to take down the trees. Cuz they were defenitely affecting the quality of downtown life.

  3. This is nothing New , other neighboring towns already have this. Lakewood is only following.