Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lakewood BOE Pres: Blame misplaced in Lakewood schools editorial

 In  a response to an outrageous editorial about Lakewood in the APP, Lakewood BOE President Mr. Barry Iann responded with a editorial of his own calling out the paper for its misplaced blame.
 "Simply put, the editorial started on the correct trajectory when it recognized that the Lakewood school district is grossly underfunded and that a legislative solution is required to address the problem. However, it took a turn into fiction by blaming the locally elected board. As Lakewood’s three state monitors have repeatedly stated since 2014, Lakewood does not have a fiscal mismanagement problem, Lakewood has a revenue and state funding problem." 

Mr. Iann also set the record straight regarding courtesy busing "The only courtesy busing that now exists in Lakewood is for the public school students" which is funded totally by the township.


  1. In all due respect of Mr Iann's help he is unfortunately misinformed or has lack of knowledge regarding the Lakewood BOE.
    1) We have never seen any type of internal compliance auditor or team with ideas of how to make sure programs are run correctly.
    2) This is for both public and non public schools that receive Federal and State monies.
    3) The three monitors that we taxpayers have never shown to be a benefit to the financial well being of the BOE.The only thing we hear is the monitors are making restrictions. We do not hear they are making contributions and working as a team with the BOE members.
    4) Why is it every few years we need a new Superintendent.The current Superintend t is well qualified but was thrown to the dogs and blamed for anything that went wrong.
    5) Why isnt there a change in personnel who know how to run the Title Programs correctly or at least seek out help or instructions from other school districts.

    Its time we (taxpayers) stand up and realize the Lakewood BOE are not knowledgeable enough and the monitors finally go home.

    There are so many more items that need to be addressed

    Anyone interested can contact me at

    1. laura was not just thrown to the dogs for no reason. her letter that was full of lies about the cause of the deficit shows her agenda.

    2. You are mistaken. Mr. Iann is 100% correct. I have researched this topic and can strongly and objectively concur.

  2. Your points are weak. This administrator protected and promoted a member of staff that was eventually stripped of her tenure, then went running to the press to blame the private school parents for the States funding failures.

    You also seem to blame the board for the State Monitors, something they don't want and didn't ask for.

    You question why a school district would need a new Super every few years, and you also omit the real problem, the chronic state underfunding of Lakewood.

    They are related, you are not going to get a top notch super to come to a district that the State treats as its ugly stepchild and doesn't fund properly.

    Your complete grasp of the real issue which is the state funding shows that you have no business organizing anything related to the school district.

    Being a member of the BOE is not like being a member of the Township Committee or various boards, it is a thankless job where they have very limited resources to improve anthing in a meaningful way.

    1. Well said. Previous post was probably written by a fired or previous BOE member with bitter feelings about the well-run board.

  3. Dear Anonymous

    If you think there will be a change on the funding formula you are sadly mistaken. Who will vote for this? Bob Singer who voted for the gas tax. Other members of the legislature who receive funding as Abbot Districts.The members of the NJ Legislature know Lakewood is having a building surplus so they want us to pay with the new taxes.
    You will never get this to change.
    Regarding the Superintendent: If you treat someone like a dog and always hit the dog,the dog will bite back. Learn to work with the new one
    Regarding the thankless job: if you dont want to do it; dont.But stop making yourselves martyrs to show what you are doing.
    Stop crying about money.Look for revenue sources and be creative. Run the District like a business. Stop expecting handouts to fund mistakes that keep happening

    1. I get the issue with Lakewood having no support statewide, which is why the abuse by Trenton has gone on for so long.

      Eventually, if there is enough noise made, the state will need to do something, it will take relatively little money for the state to provide additional resources for Lakewood.

      Aside for that, the majority of the state has issues with the funding formula for various reasons. Politics is finding allies with common goals, even if the underlying reasons are different.

      The rest of your comment is just doubling down on stupid.

  4. You vs not run the district like a business. The rules of government make them pay 2000for items that we can buy on Amazon or eBay for 800. But amazon or eBay are not approved vendors do we have to buy them at more than double the price. That is how government works.

  5. Interesting how the Gov. is not being more proactive to our plight. Is it payback for the Vaad's et al love fest with Corzine?