Sunday, April 2, 2017

Car Cleaning weather Sunday April 2, 2017

Sunday 62°HI Precipitation 0% Mostly sunny and warmer
- @LkwdChaveirim PESACH CAR CLEANING: Turn off interior lights before u start,  so u don't have to introduce yourself to 1 of our dedicated members

- Chometz free car cleaning 10 locations around Lakewood 7325030312
-Car Cleaning: 330 Miller Rd Off Hope Chapel (Freidmans Yeshiva) Car-35$ Van-  45$ Call Yossi 848-240-8621
- Car cleaning across from Kol shimshon at Squankum and Shafto
-ATAF car cleaning we come to you 732-707-1227

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  1. I never use the car cleaning service before who is the best?