Sunday, April 9, 2017

ערוב שלא ברשות תושבי השכונה


  1. Lakewood is one big humble jumble of confusing eiruvin. There is a major need to have a (single) Rov or Vaad if Rabbonim that are knowledgeable in the pertinent halachos of eiruv to over see all of the eiruvin in town. As it is now chillul shabbos is rampant in town and no Rov is doing anything about it. It's a total Hefker Velt sai mitzad the haamon am and sai mitzad the rabbinim. It's easy to assur! but to actually fix the issues in a clear way???

  2. Whos the people who made the eiruv?

  3. Who cares about 6 random people who live in the neighborhood. Go around their house.

    1. first of all, they aren't random people. they are gedolei rabbanim and roshei yeshiva of lakewood, and the signatories on bottom are the rabinic leaders of the lakewood community. second of all, it isn't possible to just "go around" houses when constructing an eruv.

  4. Who is the last signature?