Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tonight Lakewood township committee meeting

See AGENDA  on township website for LAKEWOOD TOWNSHIP COMMITTEE MEETING March 2, 2017 7:30 PM
 Township agenda below courtesy of TBL website
Agenda for the Workshop Session:
1. Parking –America Avenue (see our article where we alerted to the parking issues) 

2. Verizon.
3. Environmental Commission.
4. OHI Parking.
5. Town Square Request.
6. Advertising – Papers.
7. Shade Tree Commission.
8. Zone Amendment.
9. Digital Tax Map.

Consent Agenda:
#2 - Appointing Trish Komsa (Committeeman Delia's daughter) as the Director of HR. 
#4 - Resurfacing the basketball court in Sunset park
#13 - 5 Electronic Billboards. Again?? See here This is a classic example of committee members serving special interests in the hopes of getting good publicity on a certain fake news website. The.... is manipulating the committeeman who are afraid of him and therefore willing to vote for his billboards. Please speak up at the public portion at the beginning of the meeting in opposition to this!

Ordinances for second reading (Open for public discussion)
#1 - Granting tax abatement to Casa Nova (SE Corner of 1st and Lexington
#2 - Appropriating $10,000,000 for capital improvement projects (fixing roads)
#3, #4 - Changing 2 street names
#6, #7 - Selling two small lots in Cedarbridge to the MUA for water wells for $1
#8 - New Land Development checklist with added requirements for planning and zoning applications. 
#9 - Allowing Hotels in the B5 (instead of just Motels). 

Ordinances for first reading (no public portion)
#1 - Instituting Impact fees for developers
#2 - Repealing a 2013 ordinance that allowed commercial buildings on County Line. 

As we previously reported, there were 13 commercial buildings slated to go up on County Line. At a previous meeting, residents spoke up in opposition. Someone asked—why are commercial properties even allowed on County Line? The answer is that the township committee passed an ordinance changing the zone in 2013 and did not send notice to the residents. After this was pointed out to the Mayor—he acknowledged that the ordinance was faulty and agreed to reverse it. This ordinance for first reading reverses the faulty 2013 ordinance and going forward office buildings will not be approved in that zone. Unfortunately, there are 2 office buildings on the March 7th Planning Board agenda attempting to sneak in before this ordinance is finalized 

Recognizing Mr.Mike Cava
Mayor's Memorial And Plaque For Deborah Bittmann

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