Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lakewood Rent control board still not appointed

Is Lakewood township still trying to get rid of the rent control board? The township has yet to re appoint any members to the rent control board for 2017. Almost all other township boards were reappointed in the beginning of January. 
In September 2016 an ordnance was quietly snuck in to abolish the Rent control board Here. It was up for a 2nd reading when the public got wind of it. An outrage ensued and the town backed off and pulled the ordnance. Not only that, but mayor Menashe Miller at the time quickly issued a rare public statement after it was exposed, that the board will remain. 
It's March 1, 2017 and a town with over 35% rentals have no place for a fair hearing. 


  1. Betel the Bus DriverMarch 1, 2017 at 4:09 PM

    Wait a minue... Does it make sense that Menashe Miller would not be truthful to the residents?? Has such a thing ever occured in the past where he's said one thing, but secretly did the opposite? Isn't he "supposedly" in iffice to represent the entire tzibbur? Is he aware that there are thousands of mishpachos in town that can only afford to rent their living spaces? Can it be that Menashe only cares about developers (with thick envelopes) and the poorer residents of this heilige town are simply left without a real representative??

    Hmmmm... Something about him and his "official statements" doesn't add up..

  2. What's going on?? This is mamesh crazy! Where's the din v'cheshbon?

    Do the roshei hayeshiva know that mr. miller lied to the oilam? I remember there was huge hock about this in the bais medrash and the oilam was in gantzen furious at him. Mamesh a mechutzaf!

  3. Harold HerskowitzMarch 1, 2017 at 5:22 PM

    More fun and games from the knuckleheads. I think it's time for a recall. Can't wait till next election. They can do so much damage until then. Can we get 11 thousand votes?

  4. send this question to Mayor Coles on his go to website lets see what his answer will be.

  5. I heard a rent control board member called the The mayor and the mayor said that Mcneal will be in charge. So yes instead of abolishing the board the just didnt reappoint it and now they pulled a fast one.

  6. TLS/September 15, 2016 -- The proposal to abolish the Lakewood Rent Control Board (RCB) will be voted down tonight, Mayor Menashe Miller tells TLS.

    The proposed ordinance was introduced......

    However, since introducing the ordinance to get rid of the Board, officials heard from members of the Board that they’re recommitting themselves to it, and strengthening the Board.

    “In an effort.....

    The Mayor adds, “I’ve spoken with Township Committeeman Mike D’Elia who serves as liaison to the RCB – he too will be redoubling his efforts to get the board members to attend meetings.” END OF MENASHE MILLER'S PRESS RELEASE. (The post is saved in google webcache in case TLS is forced to remove the post)

    So, what is menashe's excuse this time??

  7. This is another example of the corruption in Lakewood township. A well connected figure who controls rentals and plans on building many more decided that the RCB is not good for business. So he calls one of his friends on the committee and voila..they vote to abolish the RCB. When they got caught they panicked and backtraced. But that wasn't enough now again they are trying to circumvent the board and deny renters their rights.
    They lied about reaching out to the rent control members talk to the members themselves, they were never notified about what was going on.
    We demand a full investigation for the true motive behind this. Once again elected officials shaft the public and
    do personal favors for their friends.
    What an embarrassment for our town.

  8. We are all here one hand very concerned about about corruption, bussing, cedarbidge, traffic, and lets not forget about Westgate among other things and in the other hand argue with neighboring towns that have a negative view of us. In this modern age, nothing is hidden anymore.

  9. I just shared this update with the oilam. People are very upset at this latest dishonest ploy by a Committee-man that asked the yungeleitt for their vote and then screwed the very people that put him in office! Just wait till this latest news really gets around. Can we have a special election to vote out these supposed "representatives" who are failing miserably at their jobs??

  10. This Committee is refusing to even uphold their own basic laws!!

    Why have they refused to reappoint the rent control board? They had zero problem reappointing the runaway zoning and planning boards (including the no-shows) which have been serving the developer’s needs quite well. But when it comes to the volunteer rent control board which is there to simply PROTECT tenants and landlords, that's suddenly the board they're picking to ABOLISH and instead give a connected community-organizer a PAID CONTRACT!?

    And let's not forget what Menashe published in the lakewood shopper last time. He said that when mike mcniel is incapable of settling the landlord/tenant matters, then they can always go to... you ready for this.. the OCEAN COUNTY RENT CONTROL BOARD! Yes, he actually said that!! But the APP investigated and received confirmation directly from Ocean County officials that there never existed any such board. He almost got away with an outright lie!

    The APP wrote an entire investigation article on this fiasco. The committee-members were caught red-handed and promised to stop misbehaving. But here we are today, and they’re still showing that they could care less about upholding the rule of law and they could care less about protecting their own residents.

    These so-called committee-men should resign due to their obvious lack of competence and governing skills.

  11. Something very fishy going on.. Which investor is being protected??

  12. Why don't they abolish the out of control zoning board instead?? Those guys are mamesh killing the town for the rest of us who can't afford the thick envelopes. At least with the rent control board there's nothing to be on the take for.

    Just reappoint them for pete's sake! What's the big issue??

  13. This is so crazy. Did Menashe & Co. decide to find a different tricky way to abolish the Board after they were caught red-faced last time? They clearly told TLS and the asbury park press that they're committed to keep providing a rent control board for the tzibbur. I'd love to hear if they even made any hishtadlus whatsoever to keep their promise. Who was menashe in touch with to make it happen? Or he wasn't??

  14. So.. is TLS going to run a follow-up story on the Rent Control Board issue? After all, Menashe Miller gave him the "Exclusive" scoop on the issue. Will the "scoop" do another advertorial follow-up and call out Menashe for using the TLS website platform to project his dishonesty to the thousands of residents in this town? How much longer will we need to wait to get another "Press Release" from Menashe to spin this story again??

    1. TLS is too busy counting his profits now that he got his digital billboards approved by the Committee. He simply doesn't have enough time anymore for another Exclusive from Menashe on this issue. And I'm sure Mr. Elray advertising is also appreciating the cut he's receiving from TLS as well.