Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lakewood not joining Women’s Strike: ‘A Day Without Women’

The social movements continue with a Women’s Strike today‘A Day Without Women’ events  Taking Place Worldwide today March 8th. Some Schools in the US Announced Closings, and Demonstrations are Planned. This comes on the heels of other movements such as the day without immigrant strike. While many Lakewood mothers would appreciate a day off they are not expected to join  in this protest.


  1. So Crazy - A Day without ANYONE who is a functioning responsible human being who provides a service would be missed whether they are fathers, mothers, teachers, landscapers, plumbers, electricians, mailmen, etc, etc, how about we have a day without USELESS PROVOCATEURS ..... a day without people who SUE for a LIVING, think COMPLAINING is OXYGEN - please go get a day without you

  2. Give it a couple of months when the media gets fed up with trump we'll have a day without the media!!

  3. Why is anyone even havibg a strike? There's nothing wrong with women, that a strike is needed.