Thursday, March 2, 2017

Email committee about the Boards Digital boards and rent control board

From Take Back Lakewood 
While at the last township committee meeting an ordinance allowing 5 electronic billboards died, shockingly it is back on the agenda for this Thursday's Township Committee meeting This is an attempt by The Lakewood ...... (#fakenews) to manipulate our elected officials into passing an ordinance that will enable him to create a safety hazard around town.  It is frustrating to see that just 2 weeks after their last attempt, this is back on the agenda yet a 4th time!! It calls into question the level of trust that we should place on our elected officials to act in the interest of the residents of Lakewood and not just for the select few. 

Mayor Ray Coles
Menashe Miller
Meir Lichtenstein
Albert Akerman
Mike Delia  


  1. TLS has banned Me for posting the following question

    The real question is , why was the digital sign ordinance brought back when it's clear that everyone with a bit of sechl opposed it. And studies have shown that they are a danger to motorists.

  2. TLS is putting heave heavy pressure on the committeemen to pass this.

    He thinks he owns them and it appears - that he does!! Wimps

  3. TLS and BMG Strange bedfellows for a few years the scoop didn't mention the yeshiva and ignored it. Now he's their lapdog.

  4. Last few hours a 5 month old lkwd child died in his sleep and there was 3 car accident near the billboard corner N. Hampshire and Cedarbridge.
    These 5 billboards if approved will god forbid bring tragedies lo aleinu.

  5. Since TLS is Fake news, it follows that the billboards if approved will display fake news!!

  6. He allowed in a few anit-density comments, probably to apply pressure. You are being used. Stay off the TLS site.

  7. why 5 boards?
    To display every township committeeman's corruption on a separate board.
    There just is no room, so each one has his own.

  8. Shouldn't be to hard to disable the billboards if approved

  9. If the Billboards are approved then or variances should require the application be displayed on 05 billboards. It should also be a phone number on the billboard with the variance application that people can text or call to abject the variance.