Monday, February 27, 2017

Photos: Minyan shelanu EY trip

Minyan Shelanu boys along with Rabbi Chaim Abadi & other Minyan family visiting Rav Gamliel Rabinovitch & listening to divrei chizuk. Photos courtesy of Minyan Shelanu FB page.


  1. HV,
    How do I send you something?

  2. Wow! Rabbi Abadi does it again!
    I heard they went with a group of boys & askanim to visit the ones learning in yeshiva.

    How does Rabbi Abadi get some of these guy to even dream of going to yeshiva? let alone to actually go?
    I know personally, one from my neighbotrhood who was out of yeshiva for years, on the street doing anything you can imagine. he had such a negative attitutde. I heard that he's actually LEARNING in israel!

    RABBI ABADI, SIMCHA SHAIN, DAVID BURNSTYN AND MINYAN SHELANU - KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!! dunno what youre doing, but it seems to be working..... unreal.... selflesss...