Thursday, February 23, 2017

NJ Gov race heats up Guadagno accuses Murphy

NJ. com  Republican gubernatorial frontrunner Kim Guadagno took to Twitter late Tuesday to accuse Democratic front-runner Phil Murphy of comparing President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler three months ago, and demanded he apologize. see video below. Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore responded according to a report in SNN "On Tuesday, at a Republican governor’s candidate forum in Ocean County, home to one of the largest Orthodox Jewish population centers in the world outside of Israel, Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore expressed disappointment with the words Murphy chose to describe President Trump. 
“Mr. Murphy set the tone for the 2017 gubernatorial campaign,” Gilmore said. “It’s unfortunate that he chose those words to compare our President to a man who killed 6 million innocent Jewish people during the Holocaust and millions more.” 


  1. Kim guadagno was involved in a Pension fraud scam as monmouth county sherrif. She also ran the department like a Nazi. She was ultimately responsible for the "accidental" deaths of many people taken into custody for the smallest of violations. She is responsible for the death of Amit Bornstein.
    Read this account of his death in a monmouth county holding cell.(warning,graphic)

    She is being endorsed by George Gilmore and crew. George Gilmore himself is finally being investigated. These people have held this part of NJ hostage with their corruption for too long. We need an alternative.

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