Friday, February 24, 2017

Lakewood Fire commissioner election may be decided by a Coin Toss

The election results for one of the seats for Lakewood Fire commissioner ended in a Tie. The voice of Lakewood reports there are several options  for candidates to do. They can ask for a hand recount on mail in ballots and see if all signatures match the ones on record. Fire Elections are only held once a year, so the option of another election is out. However the fire commissioner  board must have 5 members present and currently there are four. Board of elections member Rabbi Shenkelowski tells TVOL, NJ law allows the flip of a coin to decide a tied election.

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  1. Crazy idea - there are due open seats due to the death of a commissioner. There are 2 people vying for that seat with an equal number of votes. Why not just give them both a seat??