Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Jackson ban on dorms rescheduled

A large crowd of frum Jackson residents showed up earlier tonight at town hall. On the agenda was an ordnance restricting dormitories from residential neighborhoods. The council has rescheduled it to March 14th. 

Oif simchas Lkwd, Feb 28

-Chasuna: Koppenheim- Greenbaum Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
-Wedding: Stefansky Chasuna at Lake Terrace hall (Freilach band Levi Falkowitz)

Digital Billboards back on the agenda

It didnt even take 2 weeks and there is once again a resolution on the agenda for the upcoming Lakewood township commitee meeting to approve 5  digital billboards. The same resolution was voted down 2 weeks ago . why was it put back on? Who is putting pressure? Residents spoke up about the dangers to motorists and pedestrians  what changed?
Resolution Of The Township Of Lakewood, County Of Ocean, State Of New
Jersey, Rescinding A Resolution Adopted On June 16, 2016 Which Rejected Bids
For Five Electronic Digital Billboards And Awarding The Contract To Elray Outdoor
Advertising Of Brooklyn, New York

Tonight: Density subcommitee of Lakewood Master- Plan

  Click above to Listen.
Please be advised that the Housing Density Subcommittee of the Lakewood
Township Master Plan Committee will be conducting a meeting on February 28, 2017 at 6:00pm in the Auditorium of the Lakewood Township Municipal Building.
The Public is welcome to attend this meeting.

Video: Lakewood Downtown masterplan subcommitee

Video courtesy of First Amendment Activist

Turx: Fake News

Monday, February 27, 2017

Photos: Minyan shelanu EY trip

Minyan Shelanu boys along with Rabbi Chaim Abadi & other Minyan family visiting Rav Gamliel Rabinovitch & listening to divrei chizuk. Photos courtesy of Minyan Shelanu FB page.

Oif Simches Lakewood Feb 27 2017

-Vort: Hachosson Elchonon Schechter to Kalla Saks at the Pine River Village Simcha hall 36 Goldcrest Lakewood NJ

 Vort:  Hachosson Yosef Roberts (Teaneck) To Hakallah Rochel Honig bas R' Avrohom at Zichron Shneur hall 282 Oak Knoll Rd Lakewood 7:30- 10:30

-Wedding - Horowitz- Goldbaum at Neemas Hachaim hall

-Chasuna: Yagen- Diskind at Ateres chana hall bais Faiga

-Chasuna: Kaplan- Kamenetzky at Ateres Reva

- Chasuna: Horowitz- Shachter Lake terrace hall

-Parlor meeting inaugural  Lakewood event for Ezer L'shabbos Tzfas with the simply Tzfat band at River 978  Rt 9 @ 8:00 pm

Tonight: Meeting Downtown Subcommittee of the Lakewood Township Master Plan

Please be advised that the Downtown Subcommittee of the Lakewood
Township Master Plan Committee will be conducting meeting on February 27, 2017 at 6:00pm in the Auditorium of the Lakewood Township Municipal Building.
The Public is welcome to attend this meeting.

TBL- Township Committee passed faulty zoning changes without notice

TBL- (TakebackLakewood.com )Imagine living in an area zoned for single family houses on large lots, and waking up one day to hundreds of duplexes on small lots or office buildings or shopping centers where they were not previously allowed. Well surely you would have been informed about the zoning change right?

Apparently, not in Lakewood! 

For many years the Township Committee passed ordinances changing zones in Lakewood without sending notices by mail to properties within 200 feet as required by law. The majority of these changes were made to allow increased density and residential in zones that previously did not allow it. If the township committee is changing the zone that is in your area, you are entitled by law to know about it so that you have an opportunity to object or provide feedback. 

NPGS looks to open at seagull square mall

It appears  Lakewood supermarket NPGS with 2 Lkwd locations and 1 in Jackson, now have plans to open another branch for the a Rt 9 south area at seagull square mall. First Amendmant activist website reports an Ikul has been issued by Bais Din against the proposed lease of the farmers market at seagull square  for the new NPGS location near the Lakewood Toms River border. 

Purim @evergreen

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jewish Cemetery in Philadelphia Vandalized

Hamodia NEW YORK - Against the backdrop of an increasing number of anti-Semitic incidents nationwide, observers were shocked to find scores of headstones toppled at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia.
Photo: Wabc 6 Philly

Aaron Mallin of Bergenfield, New Jersey, was visiting Mt. Carmel cemetery, in the Wissoming section of the city, on Sunday morning for the occasion of his father’s yahrtzeit, when he made the troubling discovery.

“It’s shocking and very disturbing, especially for the families who have loved ones buried there,” he told Hamodia. “I’ve been coming here for 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Oif Simches Lakewood NJ Feb 26 Rosh chodesh Adar

-Vort: Hachosson Eliyahu Jaffa is engaged to  Kallah Dudowitz from Miami. Vort tonight at Rav Millstein's shul. 110 Miller Rd,  Lakewood 6- 9pm

Vort: Chosson Meir Landau to Kalla bas Reb Doniel Cohen at yeshiva Ktana hall 2nd Street Lakewood,  NJ
-Vort: Hachosson Mordechai Gewirtzman to Hakallah bas R' P. J Stern at Ateres Yeshaya hall 908 E. County Line Lakewood 7:30

-Vort: Hachosson Aharon Felsenburg to Kalla Hindy Leiser bas R' Naftoli at Khal chasidim 1401 Cedar Row 7:30- 10:30

-Chasuna: Unger-Herzog Ateres Reva hall
- Chasuna: Berenbaum- Levitz Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga

-YTT Expo Fountain Ballroom Lakewood cheder

Tonight: YTT Expo Lakewood

 The YTT EXPO Fountain Ballroom
725 Vasser Avenue Lakewood, NJ 08701

What was the LSTA created for?

The LSTA sent an opt in form to parents of non mandated busing to join the LSTA busing but will have to pay a $150 per child fee. The form said that the Department of Education does not provide transportation for children who live between 0.5 and 2.0 miles from school. All along askanim promised that it was done to save courtesy busing. even Gov. Christie wrote  "This bill ensures all nonpublic school students can get to school safely, while easing the financial burden on the district in providing courtesy busing to address its unique safety concerns". Yet the township is paying all courtesy busing costs for non mandated public school students. in a Hamodia article about the new

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Video: At Mifal Talmudo Byodo

Video: Yitz Henkin 

Jackson council: No Dormitories in residential areas Schools limited to certain areas

Jackson NJ Council has created an ordinance to prevent dorms from operating in residential areas. The township also plans to restrict the construction of public and private schools to only three small zoning districts. The council is expected to vote on this ordnance this coming Tuesday.
 Hmm Wonder why this was done.

Melava Malka motzei shabbos Mishpatim Rosh Chodesh Adar 5777 Lakewood, NJ

-Melava malka Yeshiva Emek Halacha 8:30 pm at KZY 175 Sunset Guest  speaker Rav Yaakov Busel shlita.

-Asifa for Ladies and girls about Smartphones at Ateres Chana hall Rav Malkiel Kotler shlita speaking doors open 8:15

-Melava malka B'M of Rachmastrivk 610 East County line 9:00 pm Zemiros  Mishpachas Brodt

-B"M Tiferes Shmuel‏  Avos Ubanim melava malka Motzei Shabbos at 7:30

 -Yeshiva of Staten Island Alumni 50th year melava malka event at Bais yaakov   Hall 277 James street, Lakewood

-Schi Chavrusos meleva Malka at B'M Kelmwoods westgate 8:15

-Rav Naftoli Kupschitz speaking 1829 Ataya at 9:15

-Mesivta Ohr Chaim Meir Dinner at Bnos Devora hall Oak street 8:30 pm

-Yeshiva Shaar Hatalmud kabolas Panim for Rav Nechemia Kaplan shlita 9 Evian  Court, Lakewood from 9-11pm

-Mifal Talmudo Byodo at BMG

Friday, February 24, 2017

Lakewood, NJ zmanim ערב שבת פרשת משפטים פרשת שקלים שבת מברכים ערב ר''ח אדר

                         משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה

Friday, February 24, 2017 / כ"ח שבט תשע"ז
-Candle lighting 5:25
-Shkia 5:43
Rosh Chodesh Adar is Sunday and Monday Molad is Sunday 6:20am+ 9 chalokim

-Weather shabbos day- High near 65F. . Chance of rain 80%.  thunderstorms in the afternoon may be severe. 

מפטירין הפטרת פרשת שקלים מנהג הישיבה נוהגיים לומר יוצרות  אחר חזרת הש''ץ לפני קדיש תתקבל
בתפלת מוסף אומרים באמצע חזרת הש''ץ

-welcome home Yeshva Bochurim for off shabbos

-Loitzk Rebbe Lakewood shabbos schedule  seuda tonight and all tefillos and  tishen will be in Bhm"d Rachmistrifka 610 E. County Line Rd. Tomorrow shabbos Day at yeshivas Ohr Tora (bernstien) 924 E. County Line Rd.

-Bluzhev Rebbe will spend Shabbos in Lakewood at B''M Chelek Levi corner  Clifton and County Line rd. Tish Friday night 9:15 Mincha shabbos day 5:39

-Admor Temeshovar in Lakewood for shabbos  at 1108 Somerset Avenue

Lakewood Fire commissioner election may be decided by a Coin Toss

The election results for one of the seats for Lakewood Fire commissioner ended in a Tie. The voice of Lakewood reports there are several options  for candidates to do. They can ask for a hand recount on mail in ballots and see if all signatures match the ones on record. Fire Elections are only held once a year, so the option of another election is out. However the fire commissioner  board must have 5 members present and currently there are four. Board of elections member Rabbi Shenkelowski tells TVOL, NJ law allows the flip of a coin to decide a tied election.

Video: Lakewood Development corporation

LDC Director (Daughter of committeeman Delia) will be leaving and taking a position to head the newly created HR department for the township. 
Minute 17:00 FAA asks committee why the LDC and LIC can sell public township owned land without notifying the public or putting it out for public bidding. Another question why the minutes of closed sessions were not sent, after several OPRA requests.

Turx to AlJezzira on Trump, "I've always felt that we had this mutual understanding,"

AJN Before President Donald Trump's infamous 76-minute press conference on February 16, Jake Turx was a relatively unknown Washington reporter for Ami magazine.

But that changed dramatically when Turx, who is visibly Jewish but describes himself as a "post-labellist millennial", stood up after Trump pointed to him, seeking a "friendly reporter".

Turx, who covered both the Trump campaign and that of his opponent Hillary Clinton, was well known to the president.

"I've always felt that we had this mutual understanding," Turx, 30, told Al Jazeera. "That he trusted me."

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lakewood sales

-Today and tomorrow in Lakewood stores Welch's Manischewitz grape juice with the heimish hechsher for a$1.99 plus a rebate of a dollar fifty online comes down that you are paying $0.49 a bottle.
-Sushi Donuts at Snaps Kosher, westgate plaza open tonight till 11:00 pm

Oif Simchas- Events, Lakewood Feb 23, 2017

-Vort: Hachosson  Yerucham Bakst Ben Rav Meir Simcha to Kallah Bas R' Avraham Nachman Leshinsky Grandaughter  Of R"Y Reb Yerucham Olshin at yeshiva Ktana Hall, Lakewood 8:00 pm

-Vort: Hachosson Chaim Cweiber To Kallah Faigy Krupenia bas R' Shmuel Dovid at 13 Commonwealth Dr. Lakewood,  NJ 8:00 PM

-Vort: Hachosson Shlomo Turin to Kallah bas R' Yitzchok Weintraub at 232 W Hearth Ct, Lakewood 7:30 pm.

Chasuna: Avrohom Arye Schor at Neeimas hachaim hall

Divrei Hisoirerus  siyum shovavim Admor mBluzhev ribatitch 606 9th street at 10:00 pm

Shiur: Harav Nechemia Kaplan Shlita 10:00 pm at B"M Zichron Yoel 1014 Lawrence.

Mesivta D'masmidim camp reunion at Yapchik 10:00 pm

One of 6 winning match 4 Powerball tickets sold in Lakewood

Patch-Somebody in Indiana won the Feb. 22 Powerball jackpot, the 10th largest in the game's history, while a Match 5 winner with Power Play for $2 million was sold in New Jersey.

The winning Powerball numbers for Wednesday, Feb. 22, are: 52, 10, 61, 28, 13 and the Powerball of 02.

BP weekly ending shop for free program

Yom Kippur Katan Tikkun Shovavm Minyanim in Lakewood

Rosh Chodesh Adar is Sunday and Monday
Minyanim for and Mincha Yom Kippur Katan today 

Lev Avos 1:20
Somerset Walk 1:25
Alumnai 1:45
Kol shimshon 1:45
Shovavim selichos without Mincha 2:50 at 613 Madison Avenue
Kelmwoods westgate 2:45
Breslov 4:40
Satmar every hour at the bottom of the hour

NJ Gov race heats up Guadagno accuses Murphy

NJ. com  Republican gubernatorial frontrunner Kim Guadagno took to Twitter late Tuesday to accuse Democratic front-runner Phil Murphy of comparing President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler three months ago, and demanded he apologize. see video below. Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore responded according to a report in SNN "On Tuesday, at a Republican governor’s candidate forum in Ocean County, home to one of the largest Orthodox Jewish population centers in the world outside of Israel, Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore expressed disappointment with the words Murphy chose to describe President Trump. 
“Mr. Murphy set the tone for the 2017 gubernatorial campaign,” Gilmore said. “It’s unfortunate that he chose those words to compare our President to a man who killed 6 million innocent Jewish people during the Holocaust and millions more.” 

The Bennett center 263 units near

CAFRA permit for  51 Duplexes 110 Townhouses on the Lakewood Border between Airport rd and the GSP
 courtesy of First Amendmant Activist
TOWNSHIP OF LAKEWOOD NOTICE OF CAFRA STATE PERMIT APPLICATION TAKE NOTICE that a Coast Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA) permit application is being submitted to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), Division of Land Use Regulation, for a development permit as described below: APPLICANT: CAM Equities, LLC PROJECT DESCRIPTION: CAFRA Individual Permit for a residential project with 263 proposed dwelling units within 51 duplex buildings and 110 townhouse units. BLOCK & LOT: Block 1160.01 * Lot 219 & 41.20; Block 1160.11 * Lots 1 4; Block 1160.10 * 219

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Oif Sinchas Lakewood, NJ Feb 22, 2017

-Vort: Hachosson Shimshy Schon to Hakallah Tippy Shapiro bas R' Yisrael Meir R Ravens Raber Shul 618 Caranetta, Lakewood,  NJ 8:00 pm
-Vort: Hachosson Aron Bloch (Monsey) To kallah bas R' Shneur Jacobs at 110 Sunset rd. 8:30 pm
-Engaged: Chosson Mordechai Gewirtzman to Kallah bas R' P J Stern Vort Sunday

-Chasuna: Dornstein-Broad Ateres Reva hall

Hamodia: Lakewood Township Adjusts Process for Approval of New Construction

More talk from politicians, traffic and congestion continues, master plan committee stacked with developers and  keeps dragging on while projects continue with no infrastructure. 

Hamodia- LAKEWOOD - Mayor Ray Coles and the Township Committee have initiated new protocols that they say will give residents more of a voice in how development plans are approved in the Orthodox boom-town of Lakewood. Procedures will require those presenting plans for construction to give clear details of what their finished products will look like, as well as to commit to cover related infrastructure costs.

“Some residents felt that the boards had become a rubber stamp for developers for too long,” Mayor Coles told Hamodia. “We are not looking to use this as a way to slow things down, but to make sure that neighbors know what they are getting themselves into when the planning board approves a project.”

LSTA parents of non mandated kids must pay up

Parents whose kids are getting courtesy non mandated busing were asked to pay up the $150  per child fee for the LSTA. A point of contention since the Township paid the full courtesy busing costs for all non mandated public school kids.  Notes were sent home informing parents if the fee is not paid they children will not be allowed on the bus. LSTA is short funds and in order to function and pick up all courtesy kids they have to charge the fee. Not all schools are on board. Apparently some schools did not want their parent body to shell out another fee.

Loitzk Rebbe to spend a week in Lakewood

 The Loitzk rebbe shlita is iy"h arriving today in the afternoon and will be staying for a week. For Kabolas Kohol call 3474718714. The rebbe will be staying at 968 W Kennedy, Blvd. A big shabbos is planned as many chasidim will be joining the rebbe for the tefillos and seudos for more information email ShabbosLakewood@gmail.com

Video: Election commission neeting

The LFD elections was declared a tie between two candidates for the second seat. While the vaad said to vote yes for the budget, it was voted down by the taxpayers. 
See Minute 21:30 Someone questioned how a vaad member who endorses candidates  can have a seat on the board of elections.
Video: courtesy of First Amendment activist

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Oif Simches Lakewood, Feb 21

-Vort: Hachosson Avromi Silver to Kallah bas R' Yigal Goldberg at the Westgate  Simcha hall 8:00  pm.
- chasuna: Hakimi- Davidi at Ateres Reva hall, Lakewood,  NJ
- Evening of support for those challenged with Parkinsons & their families at    Bikur Cholim of Lakewood 93 Prospect street Lakewood,  NJ 7:30 PM. For  Women only.

Live stream planning board by FAA

Tonight: Lakewood Planning board meeting

Lakewood Planning Board meeting Tuesday, February 21, 2017 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Township Agenda HERE 
see full detailed agenda at  First Amendment Activist website
Take back Lakewood Review HERE
Application # 7-10 will not be heard tonight at the public meeting

1. SD 2198AO SN Equities, LLC
 Broadway Avenue Block 1038, Lot 4
Administrative Minor Subdivision

Jersey City considers No Knock registry for aggressive realtors

Photo: @Avi_schnall
From NJ.com The City Council will consider a "no knock" law aimed at aggressive real estate investors this week, with council members saying the measure will protect longtime residents. "Many of the real estate investors buying properties in Jersey City are Orthodox Jews, and it has led to some tensions between that community and longtime residents." ....
Rabbi Avi Schnall, director of Lakewood-based Orthodox Jewish organization Agudath Israel of America, was in Jersey City praising council members for the no-knock ordinance. Schnall said the influx of Orthodox Jewish investors in Jersey City was giving a bad name to Orthodox families who have moved here to raise their families. read more at NJ.com

TBL weekly column

Take Back Lakewood Lakewood Weekly Column Issue 9
News Tidbits
Many problems have been found with the CAFRA application requesting 936 homes and 936 basements on the Eagle Ridge Golf course. Over 600 letters were sent to the NJ DEP requesting a public hearing. Mayor Coles said that he has no intention of allowing that many homes to be built there.

It has come to our attention that the township committee may have made many zoning changes without sending notice to properties within 200 feet. We have requested proof of notice (if any) for a list of changes and once we determine which ones were supposed to be noticed and weren't we will proceed with legal action to have those changes declared null and void. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Oif Simches / Events Lakewood Feb 20

-Chasuna: Felder wedding at N'eemas Hachaim  hall
-Dinner: Meoros Bais Yaakov Ateres Chana hall  Bais faiga 7:30 pm
-Parlor Meeting: Mesivta Shar HaTorah (Rav  Pashkes, Rav Hamburger) at 54  Arosa Hill, 8:00-10:30 Divrei Bracha Rav Dovid Schustal

Tax assesment mailed out to Lakewood residents

Forget Traffic for a minute Taxes are also a big problem. The Lakewood Tax assessors office mailed out the property tax assessments for 2017. The assessment some how was sent out later than usual it used to come out in January when people file their taxes. while many assessments went up it wont necessarily mean a raise in taxes. The tax rate will be lowered at 1.95 which means that if your new assessment is less than 50% it will remain the same.

LPD: Controlled burn

There is a controlled burn today at Lake Shenandoah Park. Expect heavy smoke conditions around Lakewood

Yoshon information for Lakewood establishments from the Guide to Chodosh

From the Guide to Chodosh download HERE free of charge donations accepted and are tax deductible. Please make out your checks to Project Chodosh and mail to Mrs. C. Rosskamm, 963 Armstrong Ave, Staten Island, NY 10308. 

to Order the guide In Lakewood: Rabbi Shimon Greenfeld, 1 Kew Gardens Drive, (732) 364-7576. Also Rabbi Aaron Quinn 606 6th St, (732-901-7949)
Lakewood Local Contact: Rabbi Yoseph Greenfeld, 1172 Tiffany St, Lakewood, (732) 364-1979 Rabbi Shimon Greenfeld, 1 Kew Gardens Rd, (732) 364-7576.

Note: The hashgochos of Yoshon listed in these sections only refer to food produced within the facility. Many bakeries and other establishments may sell packaged goods produced elsewhere that may be Chodosh. Caution is urged when buying items brought in from elsewhere. 

א=Yoshon with hashgocho, no checking of codes; ב=Yoshon with hashgocho must check codes ד=No hashgocho, check codes; ח=Chodosh; ס=sofek, uncertain 

א Gelbstein Bakery Yoshon under the  hashgocho of Rabbi S. Gissinger. Chalahs,  breads, cakes, pastries and all whole wheat product are Yoshon also under the hashgocho of the KCL. 

Presidents day Feb,20, 2017

-It is a federal holiday, all federal offices, including the Post Office,  are closed
-Lakewood Township Municipal Offices are closed on Monday, February 20, 
-Kolell bus to Manhattan on regular schedule
-No Busing if you have BOE bus routes through LSTA
-No trash pick up
-Ocean County Library all branches closed

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Oif Simchas/ events Lakewood, NJ Feb, 19, 2017

-Vort: Hachosson Shmuel Sorotzkin Ben Rav Yitzchock Shlita to Kallah Faiga Chaya Zaks Bas R' Hillel at Rav Forcheimers shul simcha hall 418 5th St Bet Forest & Madison, Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm

-Vort: Hachosson Yechezkel Chaim Kornblu to Kallah Bas R' Shulem kohn at Shemen Lemincha hall 2 Milano Drive, Lakewood 7:00 pm

-Engaged Mordechai Grubin (Lkwd) to Bas R'  Shimi Krasner Lakwood

-Divrei Hisoirerus commemrating Yartzheit of Manchester Rosh Yeshiva Rav Yehuda Zev Segal Zatzal tonight  10:15 Zichron shneur Ezras Nashim, Speaking- Rav Avrohom Bromberg

-Yeshiva Ohr Yehuda (Bender) annual Dinner N'eemas Hachaim hall 7:00 pm

Lakewood shuttle no Westgate route today

Lakewood Shuttle‏.
No westgate routes from 4:00 today. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please spread the word of anyone you know plans on taking the bus. Follow on Twitter @LakewoodShuttle

BDE Reb Meir Rose Z''L

BDH: Petirah of Hrhc"h R' Meir ben R 'Moshe Rose Z''L from BP he suffered a heart attack while in Florida,  he was 68 years old. He Recently relocated to Lakewood and lived at Pine River Village. Reb Meir was close with the Stamar Rebbe he was a talmid Chochom and mechaber seforim he spent his days learning in BMG and gave shiurim at the Pine River Village Bais Medrash. The Levaya is at 8:00 pm at Shomrei Hadas 3803 14 Ave in Boro Park on the way to Kiryas Yoel Raywood  Bais Hachaim. Shiva will be in Lakewood at 21 Goldcrest Drive in Pine River Village . TNZBH

Audio: Ami Mag Editor talks Trump- Turx with Brian Lehrer on WNYC

Interview starts at minute mark 05:00
Rabbi Yitzchok Frankfurter, founder and editor in chief of Ami Magazine, an Orthodox Jewish weekly based in Brooklyn, Jane Eisner, editor-in-chief of The Forward, discusses how the Trump administration could respond to the wave of anti-Semitic threats that are unsettling many American Jews. discusses how the Trump administration could respond to the wave of anti-Semitic threats that are unsettling many American Jews. Link

February or Spring?

Will we still see snow? can we put away the shovels? Residents are taking advantage of the warm weather, staying outdoors. The warm weather in mid February will not last long, say meteorologists. 
New Jersey residents will enjoy another spring-like day Sunday before temperatures take a plunge on Presidents Day, forecasters say. Temperatures on

Lkwd News briefs Sunday Feb 19, 2017

- Shiva info Mishpachas Hirth Miss Malky Hirth z"l 
400 3rd  street between Forest & Madison, Lakewood

Shachris 8:00am Mincha 1:45 pm Maariv 8:45 pm. The father Reb Shmuel is getting up from shiva on Thursday morning, everyone else is getting up on Wednesday morning. 

-Daf Yomi begins Perek Chezkas Habatim today call in listen live to Lkwd Daf Yomi shiur 7124321212;886847294

-BMG Kollel members of Lakewood yeshiva received a bonus check sponsored by Mr. Raphael Herzka in the memory of his father a''h whose Yartzheit was last week.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Motzei Shabbos Parshas Yisro Lakewood

-Melava Malka Lakewood alumni of Yeshiva zichron Shmarahu Rav Chaim  Mendel Brodsky at KZY 175 Sunset 8:30 pm
-B''M Ohr yechezkel  annual shul Melava Malka 307 Ridge avenue
- Peekskil  yeshiva- Yahrtzeit Seuda L'zecher R' Yankel Nathan Z'l this Motzei    
 Shabbos at Eizokovitch 636  7th street, Lakewood  9:15.
-Albert shul This Motzai Shabbos will be the Grand Melava Malka for Avos Ubanim. 7:15 
-Lakewood Cheder/Bais Faiga Chinese auction Fountain Ballroom 8:15
-LFD fire elections see HERE about voting

APP: Lakewood Residents to sue township over cedarbridge

APP- Residents in Pine River Village say they plan to file a Superior Court lawsuit to halt the project, claiming that the town didn't properly notify residents when it approved retail at Cedarbridge in 2015. Read more at APP

Friday, February 17, 2017

LFD elections this Motzei shabbos

There will be elections this Motzei shabbos for Lakewood Fire commissioner and two ballot question regarding the budget see HERE. Elections will take place at town hall until 10:00 pm. Officials are claiming there is no tax increase in the 2017 budget, however just last year the fire tax was raised from  from 0.058 to 0.070. and the VAAD said to vote down the budget. The LFD is claiming that a NO vote on the budget means that future funds will be raised again through taxation. Also the LFD had a small election HERE were they approved a $200,000 capitol improvement spending which was than added to the 2017 budget making it appear as if there is no increase. Who to vote for? see HERE

Lakewood Zmanim ערב שבת פרשת יתרו

                               וָאֶשָּׂא אֶתְכֶם עַל כַּנְפֵי נְשָׁרִים וָאָבִא אֶתְכֶם אֵלָי
Friday, February 17, 2017 / כ"א שבט תשע"ז Lakewood, NJ
Candle lighting: 5:17 pm
Shkiah /sunset: 5:35 pm

weather Shabbos day High of 64! Sunshine and some clouds. 

Ami to NYT: It was a very disheartening moment for us, to watch him being berated.”

Now the New York Times joined the Turz bandwagon
NYT- A Jewish Reporter Got to Ask Trump a Question. It Didn’t Go Well. Jake Turx is a newly minted White House correspondent for a publication that has never before had a seat in the White House press corps: Ami Magazine, an Orthodox Jewish weekly based in Brooklyn. He is a singular presence in the briefing room: a young Hasidic Jew with side curls tucked behind his ears and a skullcap embroidered with his Twitter handle.
 at a news conference on Thursday, saying he was looking for a “friendly reporter,” Mr. Turx was prepared. He had spent an hour crafting a question about a recent surge of anti-Semitism, with a preamble that he hoped would convey his supportive disposition toward Mr. Trump.

@The Jewish Sales All the local Lakewood Sales in one place

Help reach 1k followers today . The Jewish Sales All the local Lakewood Sales in one place follow on Twitter @Jewishsales see website HERE

Anyone that follows @jewishsales on twitter will be entered into a raffle to receive a $50 gift card to any Lakewood store of their choice. 

This raffle will take place every month for all current followers at that time. Don't worry, if you win one month you will still be entered into the next months raffle. The raffle will be drawn on the first Sunday of the month.

No BOE busing today

Lakewood public Schools are Closed today for- Presidents' Day weekend. The BOE buses contracted for the LSTA will not be running today.

Hamodia: “A Day Without Immigrants” in Lakewood

Hamodia.com reports on “A Day Without Immigrants” in Lakewood

LAKEWOOD - As immigrants across America stayed home from work and rallied in protest of the Trump administration’s crackdown on illegal migration to the United States, Jewish institutions and businesses in Lakewood, nearly all of which employ members of the town’s large Mexican community, found themselves caught in the highly charged political debate. Effects were highly varied, but none escaped without at least a discussion of what workers would do on what organizers billed as a “day without immigrants.”

At Yussi’s deli and take-out on Second Street, a manager said that all of his employees showed up for work in the morning, but asked if they could take off for an hour or two to attend the rally being held nearby. He added that the workers’ absence did cause a certain amount of strain on operations, given that Thursday is a particularly busy day for the popular take-out shop’s pre-Shabbos business, but permission was granted nevertheless. 
“They asked very nicely and we said they could go. I respect what they’re doing, they’re not being violent or anything, they’re just worried,” he said.

At the Heimish Bakery, which also operates a café, next door on Second Street,

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Retailer drops Return Policy That Targeted Lakewood, Passaic

TRENTON – An online children's clothing retailer has agreed to drop its policy of not offering refunds for orders originating in Lakewood, the state attorney general's office said Thursday.

Shan and Toad, which appears to be based in Riverside, California, based on its contact telephone number, agreed to drop its policy of only offering store credit or merchandise exchange to shoppers from Lakewood and Passaic, two communities that contain large populations of Orthodox Jews, Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino announced.

The Billboard gamble

The billboard resolution for Lakewood township was taken off the table for now. Residents spoke up about the dangers of digital billboards and pointed to many studies that show an increase of traffic accidents and even death in areas were billboards are placed.
On a spiritual side there is a larger issue and that is the content displayed on the billboards. How do we guarantee that there will be no times square type of ads displayed on these boards. The township when they initially granted the permits they gave only one vendor the rights to own digital billboards, no one else in Lakewood will be granted a permit to have a digital billboard on public property. 

Turx responds: Trump misunderstood me my question was legitimate

After the fall out with President Trump Ami White-house correspondent Jake Turx speaks to Israel website BHOL. He said the president misunderstood the question and did not let him finish.  The question about the rise of over 50 anti Semitic incidents since Trump took office is concerning to the Jewish community in the USA. Colleagues told turn he is now an official WH reporter after the president called him a liar. Turx said he's not worried of getting distanced as a reporter and doubled down that he will seek clarification from the press secretary "I was treated unfairly"
הכתב שננזף ל'בחדרי': "טראמפ לא הבין"
ג'ק טורקס, הכתב החרדי שננזף על ידי הנשיא טראמפ באמצע מסיבnת העיתונאים, מספר ל"בחדרי חרדים" על הרגע המביך: "העיתונאים

Video: President Trump irked by question from Turx

Turx at the WH Yesterday Photo: Turx
Watch Video below See transcript.
At a  white house press conference President Trump took a question from Lakewood resident and Ami Magazine White house correspondent Jake Turx. The president blasted him  about the question regarding a rise in anti semitic incidents and told him to sit down . Read full report HERE on Matzav.com

Turx wrote on Twitter "  President Trump clearly  misunderstood my question. This is highly regretful and I'm going to seek clarification. "

Photos: "Day without immigrants" In Lakewood

Did the cleaning lady show up? Day without immigrants affecting local schools, yeshivos and businesses. 

How will Lakewood township react to ICE raids

At the Lakewood, NJ committee meeting last night a resident asked the township what position they will take regarding deportations of illegals. Will they join other NJ towns to help Illegals skirt the law and avoid ICE raids Other NJ towns have advocated for working with the local immigrant population to prevent detentions and deportations. According to Lakewood website Lakewoodlink 
The Latino community in Lakewood participated in the Nationwide "DAY WITHOUT IMMIGRANTS" protest. It is hitting particularly hard for the local supermarkets, as Thursday is usually one of the busiest days in the week for grocery shopping. There was a scheduled protest 9:00 AM at the Town Square.


SuperStopNJ.com is the web store front for Super Stop - supermarket in Lakewood, New Jersey. We use the latest cutting-edge technology to create an easy and friendly shopping experience. It’s fast and fresh! It’s delivered to your door! It’s grocery shopping perfected! We bring the highest quality, always fresh kosher products to your fingertips, so that you can continue to live your active life, saving time for what really matters. Our goal is to provide our customers with an outstanding service, fast delivery and exceptional value. Our online prices are the same as in-store regular prices. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Large crowd at twsp meeting, billboard resolution removed.

A large crowd came to the Lakewood township meeting tonight to speak up about the proposed shopping mall at Cedarbridge, Residents along Pine street took turns speaking asking township officials to fix the traffic issues prior to any stores opening. Mayor Coles assured residents he is listening to the frustration aand the committee is hearing it from the residents. The proposed development at Eagle Ridge will not be what the developer is asking for.
A resolution to have billboards placed around Lakewood was pulled from the agenda. see Video HERE.

Oif Simches Lakewood Feb 15, 2017

- vort: Hachosson Yaakov Sofer Ben R' Moshe to Kallah Bas R' Shimon Yofee at 68 12th street Lakewood, NJ 7:30 pm
- Chasuna: Reznick- Reich Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga.
- Chasuna: Reidel- Blumenkrantz fountain Ballroom Lakewood cheder.
- Chasuna: Gluck- Schlesinger at Lake Terrace hall Lakewood,  NJ.

Watch Live lakewood Township Committee meeting

Watch Live video HERE 7:30 pm

Lakewood shopping village postpones application from Feb 21 meeting

Lakewood shopping village LLC application will not be heard next week at the Feb 21 planning board meeting. Applicant has requested to carry the project to a future date.  (TBL)

Tonight: Lakewood township committee meeting

Residents of the Pine street area are asked to come down tonight to address traffic concerns.
Township will also pass a resolution approving 5 digital billboards around Lakewood.

Hazmana and Ikul issued


Article in APP from 2005

This was printed in the APP in 2005 at the time there were plans to bring a Hockey arena in addition to the baseball stadium a lot has changed since. At one point Cedarbridge offered to return a parcel back to the township for the arena.

APP-"The township is in serious negotiations with the New Jersey Devils to build an arena costing $40 million to $50 million within walking distance of FirstEnergy Park that would be the new home of the franchise's minor-league affiliate.
Such a deal under quiet discussion since the spring but first confirmed by those involved Thursday would move the team into a 7,000-seat arena to be built opposite the parking lot of FirstEnergy, home of the Lakewood BlueClaws, an affiliate of baseball's Philadelphia Phillies.

BD"E Ruchama Malka (Malkie) Hirth A"H

Levaya  will take place 4:45 PM at shiras Devorah 575 Oak street Lakewood,  NJ
Matzav- It is with great sadness that Matzav.com reports the passing of Ruchama Malka (Malkie) Hirth a”h. She was just seven years old.

Ruchama Malka was a daughter of Rabbi and Mrs. Shmuel Fishel and Shainy Hirth of Lakewood and a granddaughter of Rav Mordechai Hirth (Brooklyn) and lhbcl”c Rav Abba Gorelick zt”l, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Gedola Zichron Moshe of South Fallsburg, NY.
Her father, Rav Shmuel, is the rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Nefesh Hachaim of Lakewood, NJ.

Malkie battled leukemia for the last five years of her life. A most special neshamah, at the young age of 7 she taught others by example how to live – how to really live – a life of emunah.

Malkie, in a recording that was widely disseminated, told Klal Yisroel, “The gates of tears are never closed,” urging them to keep up their tefillos and tears on her behalf.

Tonight Lakewood BOE meeting

Lakewood Board of Education meeting tonight Feb, 15 @ 6:30 pm
t 855 somerset avenue Lakewood NJ see Agenda HERE

 65. Approve the purchase of 150 ChromeBooks from CDW, at a cost not to exceed $44,000.00 for Clifton Avenue School, to be paid through budget account # 20-231-100- 00-06-0999. (Pending RAC Funds carryover approval.)

67. Approve the purchase and installation of 10 Mitel phones for the Lakewood Early Childhood Center from state contract VOIP Networks, at a cost of $5,440.00, to be paid through budget account # 20-218-200-600-00-0211.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Will Vine street finally be open?

Perhaps Vine street could have been open 10 years ago. In a letter obtained through OPRA by First Amendment activist, the NJDOT  gave a 1 million dollar grant for the Kettle creek and Vine street access project in Lakewood. The township asked the state to use the funds instead for infrastructure improvements associated with CDC.

Lakewood events Feb 14, 2017

-Tehillim for רוחמה מלכה בריינדל בת שיינה שיפרה Tonight 10:45 at B"M kehilos yisrael 4th and Madison bais Horaah building. 
-Chasuna: Sharabi- Male at N'eemas Hachaim hall Lakewood,  NJ
-Parlor meeting 129 East Caranetta For Talmud chochom from EY 8:00 pm Speaker R' Paysach Krohn 8:45 pm
- Kabolas panim kamenitz R"Y of Yerushalayim Rav Boruch Lichtenstein at 209 Governors 8:30 Coventry square
- Buisness Expo at Lake Terrace hall.

New website for Lakewood News and Events

A new website was launched  to report Lakewood News and events. The website Lakewoodlink says it's purpose is to link the Lakewood community with reporting news, events and simchas. Hatzlocha.

Mesivta acceptance Farhers underway in Lakewood

Starting this past motzei Shabbos 8th grade boys in Lakewood began taking farhers for Mesivta. There are Ka"h 37 mesivtos in town and some of them have over 250 applications for 9th grade. Most bochurim applied to at least 3 mesivtos hoping to get accepted to one of their choosing.  Like always there is a group of the  3 or 5 mostly sought after yeshivas  but it's hard to get into others too. Other's also apply for out of town mesivtos.
 Hatzlacha to all the boys on their bechinos may they continue shteiging wherever they get in.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Oif Simches Lkwd Feb 13, 2017

-Vort: Hachoson Yechiel Nosson Segal to hakallah Neuwirth at Zichron Shneur  282 Oak Knoll Rd. Lakewood 7:30 pm

-Chasuna: Teichman at Neemas Hachaim hall

Shlomy's Bakery coming to Seasons Lakewood


 Please daven and say Tehillim for רוחמה מלכה בריינדל בת שיינה שיפרה Ruchama Malka Breindel is a seven year-old girl who resides in Lakewood, NJ. She now has cancer for the fifth time Lo Aleinu. Last year she recorded a message for the many people who have been davening for her, instructing them not to be “so sad” and stating that “Hashem really, really loves me.” Listen HERE 

Lakewood Township approving digital Billboards around Lakewood

There is a resolution on the agenda for This Wednesday where  they plan on re-approving 5 digital billboards throughout Lakewood. Much rumors and speculation why suddenly the township is approving it again after they voted it down a few months ago. Residents expressed serious safety issues with billboards on narrow township roads. There is currently a digital bill board at the intersection of Cedarbridge and New Hampshire by Blue claws stadium. It's not frum owned, thousands of kids from nearby yeshivas pass it daily and the content of ads displayed is for the general public. It's not clear which company is getting the exclusive rights to post these  boards. Digital billboards cause traffic accidents there are dozens of studies proving that digital signs cause accidents.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Audio: Cedarbridge Yiddish interview on Kol Mevaser

Cedarbridge interview on Kol Mevaser in Yiddish listen HERE

Courtesy of First Amendment activist

Oif Simches/Events Lakewood Feb 12, 2017

-Vort:  Choson Yisroel Mordechei ben R' Tovia Rosenberg To Kallah bas R'  Chananya Spitz at Ateres Yeshaya  908 East County Line rd.
-Vort: Hachoson Eliyohu Bloch at 205 powderhorn Lakewood 7:00 - 10:00 pm
-Vort: Hachoson Yisrael Kirsh To Kallah Bas Rav Avrohom Helberg at 47  Kelmwoods, westgate 7:30.
-Chasuna: Berman- Silberberg Ateres Chana hall Bais Gaiga
-Chasuna:Askarinam- Nadoff N'eemas Hachaim hall, Lakewood, NJ
-SCHI Dinner fountain ballroom Lakewood cheder  Lakewood NJ
-Shloshim Rav Eliezer Rosner Z'L at R' Blech shul divrei Hesped by R''Y Rav  Yerucham Olshin after Maariv @6:15 pm
-Kabolas Panim Admor M'Stanislov at  1434 Tanglewood, Lakewood 8pm-12 Am

Costume Closeouts Lakewood now open for Purim

  שלשים יום קודם New location at Target Plaza 4813 Rt 9 Howell

APP: On Lakewood growth

1800 homes proposed at Eagle Ridge Golf course many other areas asking for large approvals B"H we are growing and need housing but without proper infrastructure and a affordability it dosent help the youngeleit.

APP report by Mr. payton-guion  on the rapid development in Lakewood - 
"More than 1,800 homes are  proposed for a golf course in the town's southwest corner. More duplexes approved in what could become a 700-unit development off Oak Street. Many towns in New Jersey would consider those sums a year's worth of residential development. In Lakewood, it's just another week.

Tonight: Camp SCHI Dinner in Lakewood

Fountain Ballroom 6:30 pm

More than spin

Letter supposedly hanging in Botei Medrash HERE

The article "spotlight on Cedarbridge" was posted and printed in several newspapers and websites over the weekend. TBL gave a strong rebuttal to  the misinformation and factual errors throughout the article. 
The article or "advertorial" was obviously given out to several media outlets as a PR piece, but each one lulled its readership into thinking that only they gave this so called "interview". TLS wrote they did the interview (and supposedly went into heavy censorship mode blocking IP addresses of those who wrote unfavorable comments). The Voice Of Lakewood printed it and even put a writers name to it, the Yated newspaper also had it and wrote that they conducted the interview and spoke with the developer. Its pretty obvious that a professional writer put it out but that's the least of it. 
The basis of the article was peppered with many Hebrew and yiddish phrases to give the impression that the shopping center which recently was rumored to be a goyish mall with national chain stores,(and never publicly refuted) is being developed to help the youngeleit in Lakewood and will be full of Heimsih stores, chesed stores to help the olam. 

This was written in a APP article in December of 2005 regarding Cedarbridge: 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Photos: At The Tomchei shabbos Dinner in Lakewood

Photo credit @ShimmyLevy

Photo Credit @ShimmyLevy music

Video: Lakewood Planning board Feb 7, 2017

1:02:00 Board votes down county line redevelopment
1:36:00 Board shuts down public comment prior to passing application for Oak street Lots
2:30:00 FAA speaks shutting down public comments can be serious  safety concern
2:42:00 Traffic studies are bogus being conducted on Yom Kippur and mid winter vacation

Video courtesy of First Amendment Activist 

Melava Malka Motzei Shabbos Bshalach Lakewood, NJ 5777

-Tomchei Shabbos annual Dinner Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga reception 8:30  Program 9:30 Divrei Bracha R''Y Rav Malkiel Kotler Guest speaker Rav Yosef  Mermelstein featuring zemiros by Shmully Unger & Meshorerim choir
-Yeshiva Gedolah Mishkan HaTorah Alumni Melava Malka  Madison Manor 8:30 
-Yeshiva Ner Yisrael Baltimore annual Lakewood alumni Melava Malka 9:45 pm    at Sons of Israel  590 Madison Avenue
-Zichron Chana Leah parlor meeting 22 Kelmwoods Westgate 8:15 pm
-Hearthstone shul expansion Melava Malka 8:45 pm in shul Guest speaker - R'  Shimon Alster
-Chesterfield commons Night kollel's annual Melava Malka in conjunction with  siyum hashas 8:15 Guest speaker R' Yitzchok Koslowitz
-Kosher Village Melava Malka Hot fresh bagels  open 7:30- 10:30
-Bais Kaila high school production
-shiur by Rav Chaim Weg at Bais Havaad 105 River Ave Suite 301 
-Costume closeouts  purim open tonight 8-11 at Target plaza rt 9 Howell

VIdeo: Lakewood Tomchei Shabbos in action Dinner tonight

Friday, February 10, 2017

Tu B'shvat or Krias Yam Suf

 Playgroup morahs in Lakewood had a tough chinuch question this past week.  Between midwinter break and the snow storm the kids only showed up to playgroup for a day and a half. The morahs were faced with a dilemma what to focus on Tu B'shvat or teach the children about Krias Yam suf. Its usually takes a few days to prepare the kinderlach and do all the projects with them. The decision was made based on the projects available most morahs focused on Tu Bishvat others held to teach the yesodos of Krias Yam Suf.  Eilu Veilu.

ערב שבת פרשת בשלח שבת שירה ט''ו בשבט zmanim for Lakewood

Friday, February 10, 2017 / י"ד שבט תשע"ז
Candle lighting- 5:09 pm
shkia- 5:27 pm
- Tu Bshvat fruit at Gingerbread house large selection. 
-Tu Bishvat Shabbos shira Tish at Sterling Forest shul Friday night 10:00 pm
-sheves Achim 11 Engelberg Terrace with Rav Shimon Braun 9:15 pm
Photo: Erev Shabbos at Evergreen Lakewood  credit:TRV

How long did you sit in traffic this morning

The commute to work school yeshiva took over an hour this morning through Lakewood.  Pine street was backed up so was Oak street Cross  street and rt 9.  Buses who were supposed to come didn't show up adding more cars on the roads.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

No transportation to school tomorrow

No busing? no big deal Lakewood went without busing for 4 months and over 1500 kids still have no busing.
Call the snow number for transportation to school tomorrow morning. Lakewood cheder will have no busing to school tomorrow morning but will start at regular time. Other schools too will have no busing. The private shachris buses will be running at regular scheduled pick up times.

Oif simchas Lakewood Feb 9th 2017

-Chasuna: Shef- Klein Ateres Chana hall Bais Faiga
-Chasuna: Yarkoni- Goldberger Ateres Reva hall 500 sommer Ave, Lakewood, NJ
-Wedding: Celnik- Cohen at Lake Terrace hall
-Wedding: Tzorfati- Reinhorn at fountain Ballroom Lakewood Cheder
-Parlor meeting: Yeshiva Keren Orah R' Chaim Bloom @ 424 15th st 8:15 pm
-Shovavim shiur at Chateu park 9:30 pm by Hamekubal Rav Shimon Eli Braun  from Bet shemesh

Evergreen kosher come get some Tu Bshvat fruit

Open! Come visit our NEW Lakewood store at 945 River Avenue - and discover the many reasons that shoppers have always loved our Monsey location. 
We look forward to serving you! 
Follow us and stay tuned for a BIG grand opening giveaway!
Sunday 8am-11:00pm
Monday 7:30am-11:00pm
Tuesday 7:30am-11:00pm
Wednesday 7:30am-11:00pm
Thursday 7:30am-12:00am
Friday 7:30am-1-1/2 hour before zman

Change in deliveries for Lakewood weekly papers

The Masa Umatan will start coming out on Thursday being delivered together with the Voice of Lakewood. The BP weekly will be delivered with the USPS the same way as the Lakewood Weekly is delivered. For the next few weeks the Famed masa rental list will be online late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. 

Lakewood township committee meeting canceled for tonight

Due to the weather tonight's township committee meeting has been canceled and will be rescheduled for next week Wednesday. A large crowd was expected to address concerns about the Lakewood shopping village at Cedar bridge. Residents from the Pine street are continuing their efforts to reach out to the township committee to find solutions and fixes for the traffic nightmare that will be coming to the area.

Snow storm Lakewood info

-11:45: Storm winding down snow totals lower than expected for central southern NJ. Lakewood got 3 inches. Warmer weather for the weekend. 
-11:40: Learning and activities for boys at Lutzk BM until 12:45
-11:15: Ocean County Library will have a delayed opening at 1:00PM 
-11:00: Some local banks will be closing at 12:00 pm due to weather
-10:45 Mesivtos started first seder an hour late, dismissal time TBD
-10:30 Lakewood township meeting canceled rescheduled for next week wed
-9:00: Snow continuing to come down 1 inch on ground
-8:45: Most boys schools canceled for the day
-8:35: Lakewood cheder NO school today.
-8:30: Elementary Girls schools canceled for the day
-8:15: Children anxiously waiting for schools to cancel classes today
-7:55: Snow coming down hard very windy NJ weather says Northern ocean county expected to get 6-8 inches
-7:45 am: school will decide on opening a 8:30 am, roads slippery from ice  pebbles weather in Lakewood a 32 degrees 
-7:30 am- All private busing canceled for the morning runs schools still not  announcing if they will be open
-7:15 rain turning to sleet roads slippery no snow yet
All Lakewood public Schools Will be Closed on Thursday, February 9, 2017 
Private schools TBD
Lakewood forecast to receive 8.11 inches of snow
Lakewood shuttle cancels all morning routes may have later routes

BDE Rav Hersh Levenberg Zt"l

It is with great sadness that Matzav.com reports the passing of Rav Tzvi (Hersh) Levenberg zt”l. He was 95 years old. Rav Hersh’s levayah will take place at 9:30 a.m. at the chapel on 7th street Lakewood, NJ, followed by kevurah at the East 7th Street Bais Hachaim in Lakewood.

The family will be sitting shivah at the home of Rav Yehuda and Esther Levenberg, located at 425 8th Street, between Forest and Madison Avenues, in Lakewood.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lakewood Township to rescind contract of Cedarbridge Lawyer hired for Vine street project

A resolution for tomorrows Lakewood township committee meeting appoints  a new lawyer for the opening of Vine street and rescinds a previous contract HERE to appoint Mr. Michael Groos. who happened to be the lawyer representing Cedarbridge LLC on behalf of the applicant for the Lakewood shopping village. According to a report in the Lakewood shopper Mayor Coles was asked about the obvious conflict of interest for the township to hire a lawyer that would benefit the cedarbridge project. His response i see no problem here  "its not a conflict of interest this is a completely separate issue". Well obviously it appears to have been a problem.

Resolution Of The Township Of Lakewood, County Of Ocean, State Of New
Jersey, Awarding A Professional Services Contract To And Authorizing The
Appointment Of Neil Yoskin Esq. In Accordance With N.J.S.A. 40A:11-5 For
Services Related To The Vine Street ProjectAnd Rescinding A Previous Contract
Awarded To Mr.Michael Gross Of Giordano, Halleran And Ciesla As Special
Township Counsel For The Township OF Lakewood

Oif Simches Lkwd Feb 8

Chasuna: Brown- Pechter Lake Terrace hall
Chasuna: Sclesinger- Bernfeld at N'eemas hachaim hall
Wedding: Halpert- Dowek- at Bais Faiga hall
Vort:  Chosson  Shmuel Aron Strum to Hakalla Bas R' Yitzchok Eizik Friedlander at Khal Chasidim 1401 Cedar Row Lakewood, NJ

TBL- preview of township committee meeting tomorrow

TBL-updated see below for more on the Agenda 
Thurs. Feb. 9th Township Committee meeting  7:30
Pursuant to our request, the Township Committee will be voting on an ordinance to require parking for buildings larger than 2 stories in the downtown. In response to 2 more of our requests, Mayor Coles has announced that he will begin requiring the Township to advertise the upcoming meetings and agendas in the Jewish weekly publications in addition to the current APP. The township will also begin requiring that an address be put on the agenda instead of just block and lot numbers.  We are continuing to work to ensure that new procedures and ordinances are enacted to ensure a fair process that protects the residents and not just developers.

Petition or deflection

And once again we hear the widen route 9 talk  this time another petition goes up to widen the nine. Now we are told its closer to happening than ever. The following comment by Take back Lakewood was deleted from the comment section of the Petition page. 
"While I'm not opposed to Route 9 being widened, keep in mind that:
1) It will not solve all of our problems. Drive along the many other congested roads in town and you'll see that while this is a big problem, it won't solve everything. 

2) The 'askanim' love to use this an an excuse for all of our problems and they want it widened so that they can continue to build high density.... Now that they are taking heat for the trouble they got us all into, they are trying to deflect blame to the state. They want everyone to focus on this and forget about the problems that we're bringing on ourselves by spot-zoning and approving dense housing. Then they want to come out looking like heroes for 'fixing' the problem that they caused.