Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Video: Lakewood committee re organization 2017

Video: Courtesy of First amendment activist
0:40 National anthem 
3:00 Invocation 

8:00 motion for Ray Coles as Mayor
38: 40 Public comments 
43:15 major  traffic shopping mall coming to Pine street
50:25 HH congratulates Issac
54:50 questions about Cedarbridge development
102:32 planned mall at Cedarbridge will effect quality of life
108:35 Benediction "meeting had element of divisiveness"


  1. Reb Moshe Velvel:

    I agree with most of everything that you said in your Benediction remarks.

    However, with all due respect, I saw no element of "divisiveness" in Reb Issac's vote this past afternoon. To the contrary, I saw Mr. Ackerman and Mayor Coles extremely cordial and respectful of each other.

    Divisiveness is characterized as, disunion, disunity, division, falling out, feud, fight, friction, hassle, hostility, ill feeling, ill will, strife, tension, vendetta.

    I strongly disagree with your assessment that this afternoon was divisive. Yes, there was opposition. However, imho, Opposition. Is. Not. Divisiveness.

    Quite frankly, Mr. Coles seems to appreciate Issac's company immensely!! If someone came late to the meeting and missed the initial vote for Mayor, they never would've thought that there was any opposition between the parties. There was respect and collegiality between ALL the committeemen. All the surrounding towns can learn from Lakewood. We are a light to all.

    It is not "divisiveness" when a Republican committeeman votes No to an agenda of Democrat that is against the platform of the people that elected him.

    If you would have said that President-elect Donald Trump's campaign for president was "divisive", I would agree. However, this was not.

    Us vs. them, is divisive. Not this.

    Discussing and disagreeing on issues is not divisive. Debate the issues. Disagree. That's the proper way. Provided it is done with dignity, as this was.

    Divisiveness on the other hand is with acrimony. A quarrel. A feud. That is divisive. There was none here.

    Please Remember: The committee serves at the pleasure of the people that elected them. They should not blindly serve just the special interest.

    You spoke of "Kiddush Hashem". Hashem's name is sanctified when a person in a position of power, does what is right even though it is difficult.

    Mr. Akerman passed his test with flying colors.

    Mr. Ackerman, by voting No, was not divisive; he was the epitome of a Mekadesh Shem Shomayim. He did what is just, he did what is correct, and he did it with class. Issac, in my opinion, is an unsung hero and deserves to be commended even by those that disagree with him. You saw that spirit of understanding from Mayor Coles. He was extremely gracious to Issac.

    We live in Lakewood and we all wish that our town succeed. Let's debate the issues and do it with class.

    May the R'B'S'O grant the entire committee the power to always do what is right even when it is difficult.

    1. The only divisiveness came from the Vaad. What arrogance to pull off what went on with the mayor appointment and than call anyone who stands up to you as divisive.
      The back room deals ignoring the will and needs of the Lakewood community at large. Bully tactics and threats to get what you want with a total disregard for the quality of life of the tax payers.
      Using and abusing the power of the voting block for special interests is Divisiveness.

    2. I think he also meant divisiveness because the residents of Pine River Village don't want a 200,000 sqft large shopping center in their neighborhood and the Vaad is trying to push it through.

      It all comes down to $$$$ and the Vaad has been making a lot of $$$$$ on everyone else's back. They see the noose tightening and they are petrified.

  2. There was no reason to give Ray the Mayoralship. Isaac would have done in it in a heartbeat, but he didn't have the votes to get elected. He let everyone know that he's not going to go along just to get along, and when Mike and Ray are up for reelection later this year, let's get some people up to run against them that actually understand and will remember that they represent the people of Lakewood and not just the VAAD. Then we must vote them in no matter what the VAAD shouts about 'hakoras hatov'.

  3. I don't think everyone understands how brave Aisik Akerman was yesterday for standing up for what is right. Although the VAAD somehow got what they wanted, sometimes we want things that aren't so good for us. I hope that Ray Coles Will do what is right for the people of Lakewood regardless of what those who got him into office demand of him.

    1. he is very brave!

    2. Ackerman will go down in history as the only one who truly cares about the people of this town. He really would try to help us with all the traffic problems - especially in south Lakewood. How sad that noone else stands with him.
      Isaac we only hope that you continue to have courage. Thanks for your help in regard to tent city. Now please open Arlington & other thru streets. Let's get Vine going through Bais Kaila with a land switch. Let's stop clustering tens of schools and hundreds of houses in the oak street corridor. Isaac please help us.

  4. Apperantly people dont understand something do u really believe Akerman was able to stand up to the Vaad who put him in power and can get him removed in a minute???? till now everyone always said he was part of the vaad like miller and lichtenstien theirs no way he went against the vaad!!!!! I believe thts what the vaad wanted for whatever reason. and lets keep miller lichtenstien in power theirs noone who helps ppl out like lichtenstien!!! and the vaad is good stuff

    1. Akerman was voted in in spite od the vaad. The Vaad reluctantly endorsed him this past election when they saw the olam was voting for Akerman. The vaad power has been exposed as they say the emperor has no clothes.

  5. No one is saying they dont help out individuals they do. However the overall well being of the community they have sold out to special interests and developers.