Monday, January 9, 2017

Hundreds of credit card info including Lakewood residents in Israel last year hacked, seminary girls, yeshiva bochrim

An Israeli cell phone company was hacked and thousands of credit card information was stolen and publicized. On the list are over a hundred of Lakewood residents who were in Israel last year. Many Seminary girls and yeshiva Boys had their info compromised.


  1. Reb Hershel your address is in the list (Cedar row)make sure to cancel your card.


  2. Cellularisraellogoprint
    Dear Customer,

    You may have recently heard about a security issue involving ​Cellular Israel. We would like to make sure you have the facts about what happened, what information was involved, and how we are working to keep your information safe. Please note that despite the fact that reports have recently recirculated, they refer to an issue that was addressed over a year ago, and that none of our current customer information is at risk.

    What Happened?

    Unfortunately, in October 2015 we became the victim of cyber terrorism when a hacker from Vietnam entered our databases and stole the credit card information of many of our customers. We immediately strengthened and updated our site’s security features and also notified our many customers so that they could cancel their cards and alert their banks to be on the lookout for fraudulent usage.

    We recently learned that some of this information was made available online. We have already reached out to the site’s web host as well as the domain registrar with a request that the information be removed, but unfortunately it seems that the process will take time. It is important to note that the posted information is outdated and unusable, and that all of the credit cards have long been cancelled.

  3. Why anyone still does not use tockenzation is beyond me.