Monday, November 7, 2016

Why vote NO on ballot question 2 in NJ

NJ, residents are being bombarded with mailings and robo calls regarding question two on the ballot pertaining to the gas tax. In Lakewood one of the Vaad election mailers said the money will go to road projects such as widen rt 9. The money will go to Trenton regardless. NJ 1015 conservative host Bill Spadea is leading a campaign to vote NO on Two see video HERE  NJ  LT. GOV. Kim Guadagno told nj 101.5 that the key for voters on ballot question two is the fact the question is misleading. Nowhere in the question or the explanation does it say that the state can borrow up to $12 billion and
something like that needs to be clearly stated. “Everybody look at that ballot question and ask yourselves where’s the number $12 billion, and if it’s not there vote no,” Guadagno said. Joining her Congressman Lance: I don’t think NJ ballot question 2 should pass
This question has nothing to do with the gas tax but more about borrowing money and put NJ taxpayers in more debt.

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