Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Please, no endorsements for this election

At this current election the Lakewood vaad should not issue an endorsement at all, rather, leave it up to people to use their own mind and Judgment. Its like a bear coming out of hibernation every year and than going back to sleep until the next round. The community does not know who the vaad is and the vaad doses not know the community. The conflicts of interests of certain members is also an issue of contention. To issue a blanket endorsement of unknown candidates without engaging the Lakewood taxpayers is insulting.
 Lakewood has grown explosively over the last 10 years, taxes keep on going up, traffic is a nightmare, homes are no longer affordable to the average youngerman or young couple. The vaad had more than enough time to regroup refocus and truly represent the needs of the entire Lakewood tzibbur. They even promised to do so 10 years ago, that has not happened. School board is a mess, busing is still a mess for many. The newly formed LSTA may prove to be a fix but it never should have come down to it in the first place.
The busing debacle is a result of years of neglectful askanus were personal needs trumped the needs of the tzibbur at large. Its a new reality and its time to conform or give it up.


  1. Blaming the vaad for the BOE bussing fiasco?

    Are you a menuval kofui tova lier of the highest level??

    The problem was caused by the anti vaad candidates, and any save is thanks to the real askonim. Aka the vaad.

    1. Boy do you have your head in the sand.

      The vaad has dangled the courtesy busing threat before every election in order to scare the olam to the polls and go vote. If you take credit than take the blame too.

      The vaad backed all the former and current BOE candidates who served on the BOE. Vaad members got local tax money for their agencies which prevented them from properly advocating for the needs of the tzibbur.

      And dont forget Lakewood taxpayers are paying 1.6 million for courtesy busing of public school kids yet many mandated private school children still have no busing.

  2. Planning Board meeting tonight

    Tuesday November 1 - Planning Board Meeting at 6:00 PM

    SD 2168 Aharon Mansour – 11/1 Park Avenue Block 232, Lot 12 (Currently Ventus Auto) Subdivision to create six lots

    SD 2144 Chaim Abadi – 11/1 Shady Lane Drive Block 12.01, Lots 7 & 11 (Corner of Miller and Shady Lane) Subdivision to create three lots ~ Variances include:
    1: Lot size - Where the minimum lot size is 12,000 sqft they want 10,000 SQFT
    2: Lot width - Where required width is 90 feet, they want 77 ft on one lot and 69 on another.
    3: Side yard setback - Where required side yard setback is 10 feet they want 3.5 feet.
    4: Combined side yard setback - Where 25 feet is required they want only 20 feet.
    5: Parking - Where 4 parking spots per house are required, the proposed driveways appear to only fit 3 cars.

    SD 2153 Meir S Kaufman – 11/1 South Street Block 855.06, Lots 26 & 32 (South Street between New Hampshire and Albert) Subdivision to create three lots ~ Variances include:
    1: Minimum lot area - Where 20,000 SQFT are required they want only 14,500 SQFT.
    2: Minimum lot width - Where 100 feet width is required they want only 75 feet.
    3: Design waivers - Where curbs and sidewalks are required they don't want to provide any

    SD 2154 Bais Rivka Rochel – 11/1 4th Street Block 127, Lot 4 (SW Corner of Monmouth and 4th) Subdivision to create 5 lots (a duplex and a triplex!) ~ Variances include:
    1: Minimum rear yard setback (Duplex) - Where 15 feet is required they want only 10 feet
    2: Maximum building coverage - Where a house can only occupy 30% of a property, they want to occupy 30.8%
    3: Minimum rear yard setback (Triplex) - Where 20 feet are required they want only 10 feet
    4: Minimum side yard setback (Triplex) - Where 20 feet is required they want only 10 feet
    The driveway would be one long pavement along the entire project and end only 15 feet from the traffic light.

    SD 2162 LS Holdings, LLC Locust Street Block 1083, Lot 1 (corner of Locust and Vermont) Subdivision to create nine lots (mix of duplexes and townhouses) ~ Variances for the duplexes include:
    1) Minimum Lot Area - Where 8,500 sqft is needed, they want only 8,250
    2) Minimum Front Yard Setback - Where 15 feet is required they want only 10 feet
    3) Minimum Rear Yard Setback - Where 15 feet is required they want only 10 feet
    Variances for the townhouses include:
    1) Minimum Rear Yard Setback - Where 20 feet is required they want only 10 feet
    2) Minimum Side Yard Setback - Where 20 feet is required they want only 17.5 feet
    3) Maximum Building Coverage - Where 35% is allowed - they want 36%
    There does not appear to be adequate off street parking

    SD 2163 ARM Developers, LLC Prospect Street Block 445, Lots 17.01-17.12 & 18 (SW corner of Prospect and Mass.) Subdivision to create thirty two lots (duplexes) and a cul de sac
    ~ Variances include:
    1) Minimum Front Yard Setback - Where 25 feet is required they want a smaller setback
    2) Minimum Rear Yard Setback - Where 15 feet is required they a smaller setback

    SD 2146 Mordechai Eichorn Central Avenue Block 12.04, Lot 48 (Central - across from Hollywood Ave) Subdivision to create three lots ~ Variances include:
    1) Minimum lot area - Where 12,000 sqft is required they want only 11,250 sqft.
    2) Minimum lot width - Where 90 feet are required they want only 75 feet
    3) Side yard setback - Where 25 feet are required they want only 20 feet
    There aren't enough parking spots in the driveways for the number of cars.

  3. Tonight's planning board agenda

  4. In essence the Vaad (most of it's members) is basically a self appointed body of bullies that claim the Roshay yeshiva back them. Most of them have their own interests or worse, a conflict of interest. I see no reason for any somewhat intelligent person to follow them blindly.

    On a side note, Aizek Ackerman is a great Askan who has always had the public's interest in mind. He is always available to help any human being. He has always been against the aggressive development of the town since his days on the planning board. He is definately not the cause of our problems. I think he deserves our vote regardless if the Vaad will endorse him or not. A truly nice person liked by all.
    One mans opinion.

    1. Akerman will win by just the vote of the people. He doesn't need the Vaad to endorse him and piggyback on his success.

    2. Thats what the vaad does. They take credit for our block vote and use it for themselves

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  6. The Vaad sabotaged the last elections for fire commissionaire by undermining a frum candidate that would have won. The Vaad decided to play politics and endorsed their own candidate a few days before they split the frum vote and the election, ultimately neither candidate won and and the election went to to the seniors.