Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Live Election results for Ocean county Lakewood

Lakewood Rosh Yeshiva voting today
Rav Malkiel Kotler votes
click HERE for live results for Lakewood
Final 43 of 43 districts reporting
REP -TRUMP 11,556 69.37%
DEM - CLINTON  4,601 27.62
REP - Albert AKERMAN 11,51576.14%
DEM - Mordechai GROSS 3,57823.66%
Barry A. IANN 7,267 28.63%
Moshe S. NEWHOUSE 7,646 30.12%
Dovid EGERT 3,757 14.80%
Isaac ZLATKIN 6,458 25.44%

House of representatives
REP - Christopher H. SMITH 12,024 76.68%
DEM - Lorna PHILLIPSON 3,458 22.05%



  1. Go Dovid Egert go.
    The fact that he is in the lead and it looks like it is going to be close. This is another potch oif in ponim to the vaad coming on the back of their loss for fire commissioner.

  2. https://youtu.be/gUJ7-Lcc9fo

  3. Sorry to burst your bubble. Its not close. He lost by a landslide

  4. What doess 300% mean?

  5. Every lost 2 to 1. The only reason he got 4000 votes was because he was on the line before Zlatkin. I know people who normally vote for the Vaad who mistakenly voted for him because he sounds yeshivish and his name was on the 3rd line. If he were on the 4th line he probably would have gotten less votes. In any event he was trounced big.

    1. I wouldn't be bragging about a win for any of these candidates who never reached out to the voters and who have nothing positive to offer to Lakewood residents. The winning BOE candidates are simply going to be used as a tool for the benefit of a select few. I don't understand how any of these candidates could possibly be patting themselves on their back to have earned the right to be someone else's proxy. Have you ever heard anything intelligent or seen any productive outcome from these candidates. Its a rhetorical question. You all know the answer. Every year we receive robo calls and read fliers plastered all over town and in the local publication urging our voters to give up our common sense approach and to blindly follow the blind into the voting booth and yet year after year nothing positive materializes from all the promises that unity and our block vote will affect change and progression.
      In Lakewood, the day after election is the saddest day of the year, knowing that people are asleep or are still suffering from the Vaad/Igud induced coma.
      Not too long ago, Lakewood was a beautiful and affordable place to live and raise a healthy family filled with torah values.
      Unfortunately, today we sell our souls and values for political reasons that benefit the very few while hurting ourselves and our neighbors.

  6. The current BOE members happen to be very helpful in getting services to kids and schools. The district goes out of their way to hinder our Mosdos from getting services and the only recourse we have is to call these guys during their personal work hours at their jobs and they try to fight and they do get somewhere. There is absolutely nothing in it for them other than a tremendous drain on their family life.No kovod and no benefits.

  7. The Rosh Yeshiva looks just like his zaydeh Rav Aaron zatzal in this picture There is an a picture of Rav Aaron zatzal in a similar pose.