Friday, November 25, 2016

Letter to Orthodox Jewish Communities in Boro Park, Flatbush and Lakewood

By R’ Nachman Caller, the Republican District Leader of Boro Park and Midwood

I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation and thanks to our Jewish brethren in Boro Park, Flatbush and Lakewood for responding to our call and expressing the voice of Torah and Yiddishkeit in the Presidential elections. 
We gave our President-Elect Donald Trump our overwhelming support. Seventy percent of the Boro Park-Flatbush community (our Assembly District 48 gave Donald Trump the most votes in Brooklyn) and 79 percent of the Lakewood community cast their votes for Donald Trump.

We must continue to express our support for our new President-elect. He is
subject to an onslaught by the extreme left who are trying to impose their agenda on the people of America. They disrespect and demonstrate against our new President-elect. We must support the rallies in support of our President-elect. We must write letters and voice our support. The support of our Jewish communities will give Donald Trump and his wonderful family the חיזוק they need to hold strong against the onslaught of the extreme left liberals. We extend our invitation to President-Elect Donald Trump and/or his wonderful family to visit with and get to know our communities and our families.

We reach out to our President-elect, the leader of our great country, who has been tasked to lead our country in a righteous manner, being fair to all of its people, to recognize the special needs of our communities. Our parents must send their children to our private schools so that they can be educated to continue our hallowed traditions. The tuition burden is unbearable, and is primarily caused by the unfair treatment by the states and the liberal controlled courts, which unfairly deny our children their constitutional right to be educated in a manner that allows them to continue in the religious traditions of their parents and grandparents. We ask our President-elect to allocate funds to our parents and their children. This can be provided in a manner that will not run afoul of constitutional limitations.

We conclude with the Blessing recited in synagogues for the Head of the Government. We ask that הקב”הshall protect and help President-Elect Donald Trump in all of his endeavors and that his Star shall rise for the benefit of our country; and that in his and our days הקב”ה shall send a ישועה to our Jewish nation.


  1. If you support Trump, you support Stephen Bannon, whom many consider an anti-Semite.
    If you think there is a constitutional right to public funding for private schools, provide some case law in support. A mere allegation of a right is meaningless.

    1. Wow! Guilty by association? By that measure you can't support anyone ever....

    2. Stephen Bannon is not an anti-semite. Even thos who formerly accused him iof beuing an anti-semite, now walked back their claims, and only claim that his website gives a platform to anti-semites in their comment section (which they do not censor.

      Breitbart is the largest Pro-Israel website in the world. It was and is at the forefront of exposing anti-semitism on U.S. campuses, exposing and opposing the Boycott Israel movement, and exposing the anti-semitism of the media and the U.N.

      Adrew Breitbart was a Jew who was proud of his Jewish identity, Steve Banon was his closest protege. the current CEO of Breitbart is Jewish, its Editor in chief, and Chief consul is a frum Jew.

      the people claiming Bannon is anti-semetic, are the same ones who claim Trump, with his Jewish grandchildren, is antisemitic.

    3. BS.
      Bannon is not an antisemite. The only person claiming he's an antisemite is his ex-wife who made stuff up about him during divorce proceedings. In fact, Bannon is one of the most pro-Israel people in American media.

    4. in Lakewood it costs $16,000 of tax payers money to educate a public school kid vs $4,000 a year tuition for private school

    5. Which private school in Lakewood only charges $4,000 a year tuition and doesn't fund raise to cover the rest

  2. No offense R' Caller,I did not vote for Trump because I was responding to your call.

  3. The federal government has no reason to start funding public school tuition more than they are doing now. Therefore it is not realistic to expect them to fund private schools alone with vouchers. And Lakewood what are you going to gain? Your real estate taxes will shoot through the roof if you have to fund the mosdos too. Of course the government will put all sorts of expensive bureaucratic procedures in place in order for schools to qualify for vouchers. And of course only those who don't work or don't care about lo.... will be eligible anyhow.

    Finally one thing the bussing saga shows is that the mosdos are willing to make enormous amount of changes not to lose government funding. To the extent of major changes to the school day and hours. It is scary to think what the mosdos will do if the government is able to hold them hostage with " You won't qualify for vouchers unless you..."

    1. i agree with some of your points, especially about the schools losing independance and being held hostage. but your point about real estate taxes going up is wrong because if the vouchers are federally funded - as opposed to local or state - the funds won't come from property taxes. they will come from federal - mostly income - taxes, which won't be as much of a burden on individuals, especially lower income families who don't pay much income taxes.

    2. Berel, it depends on how the funding is calculated. If students who receive vouchers, would be taken into the equation, Lakewood would be eligible for, and receive, massive funding from the State.

      Additionally, like sanctuary cities, even if the federal government does not directly control whether states allow vouchers, they can make it conditional on aid that the state receives from the federal government.

  4. True- a lot of Orthodox Jews voted for trump
    True- republicans will more likely be receptive to school choice than democrats
    Nevertheless the tone of Caller and many others sound like the Jews in Germany who wrote to Hitler ym"s in 1933 expressing great hope and support for the newly formed Nazi government.
    We voted for trump because he was the best option and we are hopeful that everything will be good but just get a grip he can be a total disaster just as easily.

  5. how does shitler get involved here?
    he wrote mein kramp years before he became powerful clearly stating his desires.
    trump is clearly not a sonay yisroel.
    if anyone should get you scared of shitlerism it should be hitlery clinton who is clearly on the same page as barack resolution unbama