Friday, November 11, 2016

Lakewood shabbaton- Experience Lakewood; 'A City Built On Altruism'

Ohr Sameach mentors mission is hosting a Shabbaton in Lakewood this week for 50 students who will Spend an unforgettable weekend in Lakewood, New Jersey; home to the largest Jewish Yeshivah in North America where more than six thousand students engage in all day Talmud study. 
Tentative Weekend Schedule HERE 

Thursday Nov. 10
7:00pmOpening Dinner & Volunteer Food Packing Activity @ Bikur Cholim of Lakewood
Welcome by OS Rabbi & Rabbi Yehudah Kaszirer
10:00pmDiscussion Groups at Rabbi Avi Cassel’s home
11:15pmStudents Check In To Hosts

Friday Nov. 11
7:55amShachris-(morning prayer service)
8:45amBus departs to Madison Title
9:00amMadison Title – breakfast/executive discussion groups
10:10amBus departs to BMG
10:30amWelcome by Rabbi Yeruchom Olshin-Dean of BMG, Tour of BMG by Rabbi Leibel Karmel
11:30amLecture by OS Rabbi
12:15pmBus departs BMG
12:30pmTour of SCHI
1:45pmPizza & Tour of Hatzalah Emergency Responders Headquarters By Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein. Address by Mayor Menashe Miller
2:45pmBus departs Hatzalah
3:00pmDown Time, Check-in to hosts to prepare for Shabbat

Friday Night
4:05pmMincha (afternoon prayer service). Intro to Shabbat-by OS Rabbi. Festive Kabbalat Shabbat service followed by Maariv (evening prayer service)
4:28pmCandle Lighting
Friday evening meal at "Super Hosts."
8:30pmOneg Shabbos Tisch with OS Rabbi and Rabbi Friedman. Enjoy singing, story-telling, delicious food and inspiring discussions

Shabbat Nov. 12
8:30amShachris (morning prayer service)
9:30amPrayer Workshop given by OS Rabbi
10:40amKiddush (refreshments)
11:10amLearning session students/mentors
12:00pmDepart to hosts for Shabbos day meal
3:10pmClass by OS Rabbi
4:10pmMincha (afternoon prayer service) followed by Festive Third Meal with OS Rabbi and Rabbi
Simcha Bunim Cohen followed by Maariv (evening prayer service) and Carlebach style Havdalah

Motzei Shabbos/ Saturday Evening
7:45pmBus Departs to Melava Malka From TBD
8:15pmGala Melava Malka Event hosted by Ner Avrohom
Address by Dr. Rich Roberts, Former Chairman and CEO of URL Pharma
11:00pmThe ‘Kosher Gym’-pool, hot tub, exercise machines
1:00amReturn To Hosts

Sunday Nov. 13
7:55amShachris (morning prayer service) Say goodbye to your host & bring luggage with you
8:45ambus departs to Lakewood Cheder
9:00amBreakfast with the CEO’s & Tour of Lakewood Cheder
10:30amBus leaves Lakewood Cheder
11:00amTour of Tiferes Devorah L’Kallah
12:00pmbus leaves to BMG
12:30pmLearning Session students/mentors
1:45pmDepart BMG
2:00pmFarewell Banquet-TBD
Farewell Address-Rebbe Hill
4:00pmGourmet Glatt Plaza
5:00pmBuses To The Airports

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  1. How can you already say it will be unforgettable? Maybe it will be blah?

    If you want to show them Torah, why schi, hatzolo, hot tubs and pizza stores?