Sunday, November 6, 2016

Kids walking after dark from clustered bus stops, get those reflectors out

The clock change means lots of Lakewood kids will be dropped off from school after dark. Unlike previous years in Lakewood were students were dropped off closer to their homes, this year, for many kids, its a longer trek back home from the bus stops. The LSTA has clustered bus stops in certain areas in order to maximize routes and efficiency, but this will now add to safety concerns with thousands of children walking a longer time after dark and crossing busy streets. Additionally, some routes with younger children will first get to their stops after nightfall since these routes run late. Schools plan on having safety talks with students, making sure they wear reflectors and are accustomed to the time change.
 A safe trip to all Be''H.

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  1. For once the safety card is actually being used legitimately and not for some kavod fresser's ego trip!