Friday, November 18, 2016

Google Hits Pixel Resellers With 'Digital Death Sentence'

"Daniel Levy, who has been locked out from his Google account since Monday, said he has learned a hard lesson, though not necessarily the one the company intended. "They confiscated my property and shouldn't be trusted," said Levy, who lives in Lakewood, New Jersey. "I will never use their services again." AP 
The story was first posted on DansDeals where Google has suspended the accounts of users for violating its terms and conditions. Several people who recently bought Google's new Pixel phone on behalf of a New Hampshire dealer are now suffering that punishment after the company detected their online purchases and judged they violated its terms of service.
 Users were locked out of their gmail accounts and other google related services. The story went Viral in the national media and eventually Google relented and restored the accounts. read more HERE

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