Wednesday, November 9, 2016

And now back to this

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TBL-There is a Township Committee meeting tomorrow night at 231 3rd Street at 7:30 PM. 
We urge all concerned residents of Lakewood to attend to show support. If you are concerned about the unimpeded growth, congestion, density and traffic, this is your chance! If you can, prepare a 4 minute speech. If not, please come anyway and fill up seats in the room so that we can have a strong showing of concerned residents. 
"But I'm not the type of guy to do these things" - It's okay, com anyway and just sit and watch (and clap)
"But all we'll get is insincere promises" - Come anyway. Ask the difficult questions and demand action from the committee members. 
It's time to take a stand and to tell our elected officials that this can't continue!


  1. Lakewoods Finest
    From L2R Flancbaum (Planning) Singer,(State Senator) Heineman (The Vaad) Pfeffer (Lawyer for almost every application in lkwd).

  2. That picture says it all. It should be the first thing shown at trial. Ex Committeeman,State senator who pulls all the strings for his supporters with appointed understudy, LIC,MUA,Head of master plan committee and planning board member Justin Flancbaum. A very nice guy but a conflict of interest all stuffed intona one single pair of pants. Standing next to a VAAD member that has multiple Township contracts with his business,and promotes building high density housing, and a lawyer that represents developers . You would think they would act like they don't even know each other. Not in Lakewood. Where corruption is just how things get done.
    I hate going Township meetings . The fake act of concern makes me queasy. But out of respect for Take back lakewood I will be there tonight. Yasher Koach to this fine group.