Sunday, October 30, 2016

Yussi's Grill in Westgate closing for renovations will reopen with something new.

Yussi's Grill in Westgate Plaza, Lakewood is closing this Wednesday, but something cooler is coming in 2 weeks. Stay tuned. 


  1. Are they moving out of westgate?
    Where are they reopening?
    Did NPGS buy them out?

  2. A bank is being built next door to Yossie's in West Gate

  3. It is about time that something new is coming to West Gate.

    Enough with the old outdated stores Time to renovate
    Enough with the old playgrounds Time to expand
    Enough with the old mindset Time to rethink
    Enough with the old Umbrella system Time to fold
    Enough with the old Control Time to ask mechila
    Enough with the old mafia Time to grow up
    Enough with the old Tznius concern Time to let go
    enough with traffic and safety Time to show true colors