Saturday, October 29, 2016

Why I Moved to Jackson: An Open Letter from Your New Neighbor

Letter published in JTown magazine. HERE

Frum Jackson resident pens letter explaining why he likes a more rural setting near the big city  "I admit that we may dress a little differently and have some different customs, but we are all Americans. I welcome and love it when a neighbor stops me and asks about some of the things we may do, and we learn about each others customs and ways".

 After marrying my wife, we decided to settle in Lakewood, as I wanted to continue my studies at Beth Medrash Gevoah (a world famous rabbinical school). After almost four years married, with my cozy apartment getting tight,  my wife and I decided it was time to buy a home of our own. The big question was what and where to buy. I come from a community in which I am used to having a backyard and lots of grass and the quiet of suburban America. As much as I admire the wonderful city of Lakewood and the great people who live there I wanted something a little bit different. I wanted to be close enough to the big city but to have my own space and quiet. I decided (on my own) to look in the neighboring towns." 
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  1. Invading Jackson with good old neighborly Jew love and kindness.
    They can only benefit from us buying homes there as long as they protect themselves from anyone trying to ruin their town,like some people did to Lakewood.

  2. Smart man. Lakewood has been ruined by the people who let it be overdeveloped.

  3. How does one afford a house after leaving 4 years, I've been working for 20 and can't afford it.

  4. Dear Letter writer

    well written. a kiddush Hshem. Thank you