Monday, October 31, 2016

Video: Why you should vote NO on ballot question 2. Re: Gas Tax

NJ101.5 When NJ voters go to the polls on Nov. 8, you’ll be asked to vote on two ballot questions. For ballot question No. 2, you need to vote #VoteNoOnTwo.  I’ve said it on air many times: I’m strongly opposed to the gas tax and if you are, too, you need to vote no on ballot question 2. It’s a scam and it has to be stopped!
They told us question 2 was about putting the gas tax funds in a lockbox and used only for transportation projects. It’s not.
Why should you vote “no” one question 2? It would force the legislature to revisit the entire package.
If question 2 passes, it authorizes up to $12 billion in bonding because the gas tax legislation and ballot question are bound together. There will be no protection for taxpayers from the misuse of funds.


  1. Vaad will say to vote YES since the money will go to widen rt 9.

  2. Welcome to NJ now home to highest realty and gas taxes

  3. Is this video in the wrong place??