Monday, October 10, 2016

Video: Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act NJ State appropriations committee

0:00 – chairman speaks against those opposing the bill 
3:00- Heavily disabled individual against the bill
6:35 - Heavily disabled individual speaks against the bill via device
11:34 - Heavily disabled individual speaks against the bill via device
32:00 – Dr speaks against
40:58 – Bishop speaks against
59:50 – Orthodox Jew speaks. 
1:03:07- At the end calls all voting for – stalin and Hitler. Causes an uproar. 
1:07:20 – Orthodox Jew from NJ speaks. 
1:08:55 – Rabbi Knofler – אב בית דין of Lakewood Beis Din.


  1. That guy who brought up Hitler and Stalin is the reason many people think Orthodox Jews are crazy.

    1. read this article and tell me he was not correct

    2. how about this article

    3. Google "Belgian Euthanasia Doctors Seek Answers at Auschwitz"
      and you'll see he was 100% correct, and all those who disagree with his statement are clueless about this issue.

    4. Dear3,02. I'm not sure. Maybe a strong wakeup to the entire committe was needed.

  2. Cmon Avrami,your grandchildren will be better than that.

  3. I agree with 3:02, the man with the stalin and hitler reference is an agitator and should not represent the Orthodox.