Sunday, October 9, 2016

Take back Lakewood movement launches ad campaign, Website

The Take Back Lakewood movement dedicated to stop the density and slow the growth, has revved it up a notch with launching a website and a ad campaign with signs and posters hanging across Lakewood shuls and yeshivos. The new website is now live its purpose is to slow the growth in town so we dont end up gridlocked and that residents should have a better quality of life. The message is, get involved come down to the meetings and tell the officials you dont want anymore approvals.
 From the site:
 This movement belongs to all of the residents of Lakewood - reclaiming our town from the few who are making our quality of life go down as traffic and density get worse and worse.
Take Back Lakewood was started with the purpose of stopping the high density growth that is plaguing Lakewood now. We have a wonderful town and there are many homes available for sale in Lakewood and all of the neighboring towns." 
The website features current information regarding Lakewood township commitee meetings, planing and zoning board meeting schedules and agendas, informing the public ahead of time of what is going for approvals.


  1. Check out Steve Secare's Billing for his Legal (Fleecing) of Taxpayers Money. Folks, we're being RIPPED off with the blessings of our wise leaders!!! Secare's legal bills to the Taxpayers of Lakewood are setting an all time high!!! Who cares?,we'll continue to pay ever increasing property taxes. Ha Ha, says our well Paid off leaders

  2. Lakewood is the ONLY town in NJ that gives builders a FREE PASS on upgrading Infrastructure,such as WIDENING the ever narrowing streets or adding stop lites...or maybe a blade of grass or a tree and OPEN SPACE for our children. Instead our wise leaders choose to make the Taxpayers PAY and Pay and PAY so that we spend HOURS every day in one huge ,dangerous TRAFFIC JAM. Folks, how much longer will we be silent to this madness????

  3. Disingenuous. Why does website ask to protest a few houses on 2nd & Madison, 4th and Monmouth. But does not ask to protest a 5 floor office tower on 3rd and Madison?

    1. 1.because that office tower is being built as a last resort after they destroyed the downtown and left me with nothing.
      2. Because that office tower is a fully permitted use with no variances needed.
      3.Because i begged our committee to change the zoning in the downtown to prevent anyone from building 5 stories and they dont care.
      so tell me .what would you like me to do?
      I will happily cancel my plans if there is an effort to make a full moratorium on any building in the downtown above 35 feet. Stop allowing people to receive variances for parking that hurt business in the downtown area. Create a downtown improvement district to finally stop allowing the destruction of the middle of our town.

    2. The planning board doesn't really have the ability to deny conforming applications like this...

  4. Excellent! This is really happening! We need everyone to come to the 4 meetings at the end of the month. For everyone who is sitting on their lounge chair complaining about the density and traffic - COME TO THE MEETINGS!!!! If you don't come then you have only yourself to blame for not joining the effort to stop it.

  5. That is only part of the problem.
    I don't think there is a "plan" in place.
    They will settle for some minor concession referred to in the industry as "a doggy bone".

    The corrupt township will publicize that no more approvals....
    at the same time they will work diligently behind the backs of "take back lakewood...." and other similar games......

    corruption hates transparency.

    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

  6. What is more distressing is that even land which was already specifically set aside by Twp Resolution for the purpose of open space/recreation, we now find out, thanks to Hefkervelt, that some committeemen are basically giving it away via very creative methods to their close buddies. So forget about Menashe promising more open space.. He's even getting rid of what the Twp ALREADY commited to setting aside. Incidentally, our Twp, under the same watch of our "elected" committeemen and appointed attorneys have even given away Twp "infrastructure" for developers to creatively figure out how they can donate (some of it) back to the town and get a hefty tax write-off and other development concessions! Just one example is the current Planning Board application # SD 2149 in red oaks. It's simply beyond belief! Stay tuned.. This is a developing story...

  7. Why is it that we have to show up to oppose the variance or the application? The people sitting on this board should be protecting us not selling us out.

    In every other town the people don't have to come to oppose. In this town, its the opposite, if we don't come then the approval goes through.

    These people need to protect us. Period.

    1. You are 100% right and that's why eventually the planning and zoning board members need to be replaced.

      The fact it though that right now they are yes men to the developers and if we want to change that we need to go down and make a tumult.

      When the township committee sees how serious the community is about this they will they will suddenly promise anything to keep their jobs but that too is probably too late to salvage.

    2. I agree - The zoning board needs to put on their big boy pants and disallow crazy requests.

  8. Take back Lakewood? we don't need chewing gum solutions.

    Trying to solve what problems?

    Always look for the underlying cause.
    The iceberg-only 1 7th is visible.

    The problem is not overbuilding, that's the result.
    Wake up and smell the coffee.

    1. Do you not see that this is an easy way to identify with the frustration that everyone feels and that this can eventually lead to getting new committee members who actually serve the residents of Lakewood?

      Attacking the result can lead to drilling down to the root problem and fixing it.

  9. It!s time,you cannot continue to remove 2 homes
    On separete lots and put up 12 duplexes with basements takeing the 2nd lot also .now we have 24apartments and 48 parking spaces, not enough, on street parking both sides of street,then we have to add another traffic light
    Then the buses cannot get thru and have to wait,
    As only one car can pass,then let the bus go thru,
    Now comes the shuls,every shul built,people will walk, are you kidding!!driveways blocked, cars all over the neighborhood,,come on, now you need to expand shuls,more schools.there is plenty ,plenty of open land in Jackson, howell, be happy to move 10 miles away!!stay out of lakewood,S T O P THE BUILDING!!

  10. The zoning board has a problem - They require people to come down and fight new construction plans which means you end up fighting your future neighbors - it is a challenge. If they see an application that is OUT OF THE INTENT OF THE TOWN and destroys thd town, THEY SHOULD DENY IT. There is an application tonight APRIL 3 - where the guy is building a monster house in a 70x100 lot-Let's see the the zoning board deny it ! a five story tower? You can't drive now - and HH is shrieking to make more parking - right next door to him and across the street from him, at the township's expense, and then he goes and asks for five stories and says they won't create any density or parking - what is he building it for - birds? - come on - are we dizzy or are we trying to save the town. Does Casa Nova deserve tax abatement? WHy? Why do we all have to struggle to pay crazy taxes and then see applications like that being considered? I appreciate the work that the zoning board members do -it is over and above, but they have to be careful with their responsibility.

  11. As you probably already know,there is a election coming up for 2 of the 5 committee seats there are many new anti establishment candidates. My question is, who should I vote for?