Friday, October 28, 2016

Not much Flanken for Cholent in local stores

If you went shopping looking for Flanken to put in your cholent most store shelves in Lakewood were empty. Besides that there is a supposed shortage, there was no time to shecht due to the Yom Tov schedule. It takes about 2-3 weeks for the kosher shlachthoizen  to restock. There is also no Liver. 


  1. Seasons was fully loaded

  2. Farbissene misnagedOctober 28, 2016 at 10:26 AM

    Liver was also not to be found. What will all the choson bereishis kidushim be like? I would like to humbly suggest they push off the kidushim till next week, that everything can be done perfectly.

    And now, to Westgate shul woes....

    1. Do you think Westgate shul'woes' are a joke? Do you know how many people cannot find seats for their children on simchas torah? This is much worse than a flanken shortage one week of the year. This is every week.

    2. It all comes down to who you know and how well connected you are. If your opposition is good with the establishment you will lose. If you are connected they will let you build.

      Karelitz shul on Williams street was passed on 1st try despite opposition- well connected with BMG and others

      Avreichim shul on Tenth and Clifton- A Lakewood Vaad member fought them with all his protektzia- their building sits empty with only a foundation to this day.

      Westgate- Kelmwoods BM in desperate need of expansion trying for 5 years to expand- Westgate mayor has connections with BMG, mayor Miller establishment etc.. Getting the run around from township still cant build.

      Hearthstone new shul- Members not well connected plans got pushed off to next meeting.

      Lutzk shul- well connected- building went right up

    3. Farbissene misnagedOctober 28, 2016 at 12:27 PM

      Do you think lutzk has flanken for the chulent this shabbos? Are they that well connected?

    4. The Slaughter houses may need some time to restock.

      it is interesting that when things must get done the Shochtim in Lakewood don't wait they get right to work. They don't do their due diligents to verify the facts. They don't even listen to the other side.
      They will collect sinatures to basmuts a prominent Bais Din They will slaughter families by separating children from their parents. These slaughters use there spears and other weopons to do מסירה and report to the authorities and the Molestation agencies on anyone that stands in there way. The victim may be a Rov, a bochur, a Rebbi, a parent. The Shochet walks away with his Frock and he prides himself that he is under the Hasgacha of KCL and its affiliate BMG. The animal rights laws are kept in accordance of PETA and the Lakewood VAAD.

      blood is spilled "FLANKEN" is sold for ego and Kovod to promote power.

    5. Lakewood Therapist who work for a well known agency in town after loosing a din Torah now accusing a respected Beis Din of corruption in a lawsuit. Claiming they dayanim did not properly hear the case and claiming the bais din was compromised of men and the therapist is a women so not fair.
      This is who the community is trusting their children to?
      The Rabbonim should come out publicly against this chilul hashem.

    6. What do the rabbonim and roshei yeshiva say to this?

    7. Let's hope the dayanim of the Bais din don't cave in to pressure as has happened in the past

    8. The head of this therapy agency is a well connected Vaad member- Even the vaad considers it an affiliate agency to Chemed. Nothing will happen here its all about money.
      Torah takes a back seat R''L

  3. From Twitter
    Liver rundown for Lakewood:
    Gourmet Glatt - none
    Aisle 9 - none
    Seasons - as of 2:40pm only chopped
    Foodex - ?
    Farm fresh none
    Butch none

    1. Farbissene MisnagedOctober 28, 2016 at 2:03 PM

      Ah Shandeh! We need a Yom Tefilla pronto!
      But we don't have a shul in westgate that will accomodate it. You see, everything boils down to the shul crisis in westgate.

    2. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit!

    3. no. puns are the lowest form. sarcasm is second lowest.

  4. Shloimys has boneless flanken

  5. I would rather purchases boneless Flanken from Shloimy's than bone-in Flanken from "heartless" store owners.

    How many korbanos are the heartless store owners responsible for.