Thursday, October 27, 2016

No more shlepping to NY to buy a Hat

Coat room/Photo: Courtesy NYT
Its not only the NY supermarkets that have cone to town but now the Hat stores  are coming to Lakewood too. The days of schlepping to the city or Brooklyn to buy a Hat are over, with 4 new hat stores recently opened in Lakewood. In addition to the local hat stores, these new stores bring more service, selection and variety (colors) to Lakewood. If prices will come down, that remains to be seen. Current stores are:

-Kova hats is located in Grand central plaza at Cedarbridge. 
-ThatHat  130 1st street near Lexington
-Borsalino hats at Seagull square
-Ferster Hats coming back soon.
-Hatcraft of Lakewood has moved to Gourmet Glatt plaza 
-The Hat box is at Countyline and Squankum


  1. Still have to go to Bencraft and get those "pinches" done

  2. Just in time. So many Bochrim couldn't care less about buying fancy hats any more.Now three new hat stores to hurt the existing ones.

  3. ThatHat is literally the coolesty store. I am a proud owner of their first hat ever sold, and I will treasure and cherish that for ever. Big big fan. Quality superb. Simchy is not just a hat genius, he loves all of the hats.

  4. Which place sells the cheapest hats?

  5. Happy to hear kova Finally arrived..I don't know what took so long.. hats was from the few things I still traveled to ny for.

  6. We BH dont need to shlepp in to New York to buy a hat.

    But we unfortunately need to Shlepp in to NY for a fair Din Torah.